I scream for ice cream!

Thursday, March 31, 2005

My goodness the heat is killing me! I cannot think straight because of it. Nag-se-sebo na ako dito sa kinauupuan ko. Bwahahaha! On second thought, that's a good thing, mababawasan ang mga taba ko. I'm just kidding, I don't want to get dehydrated or get a heat stroke. Speaking of which, drink lots of water this summer, so your body won't get overheated. And avoid going out during the hottest part of the day.

I'm sure I'd be cranky as hell, if not for the ice chips, ice cream and halo-halo I've consumed since yesterday, when it started really heating up. Uh-oh... there goes the diet. Er, diet? What diet?! :p

I want to go swimming again. Not to get a tan, but to immerse my whole body in the water. This time I don't want to go to the beach, any swimming pool will do - preferably covered (para hindi mangitim :p). Actually, kahit siguro dram, pwede na - kung magkakasha lang ako. Bwahahahaha! Gusto kong magbabad hanggang magmukhang prunes yung daliri ko. Heehee!

Blogging truly has become quite a phenomenon. Friendster recently launched Friendster Blogs and pretty soon, Yahoo! will launch their Yahoo360! (by invitation). Both blogging features seem interesting, and although I'm sure I would sign up for both (mostly out of curiousity), this blog will still be my primary blog. I know I'm talkative and opinionated, but I'm not THAT talkative to maintain multiple blogs. :p I'd probably cut and paste what I wrote here, but what's the use of maintaining multiple blogs, if everything written there is the same? Parang ang laki ng problema ko no? Ang liit-liit na bagay, pinapalaki. :p


Oooh! This is so cool, you gotta try it: http://www.shes-crafty.net/you/wish.html

I was cleaning my inbox and I found an email from a friend, that I saved (circa 2003 :p) . Yup, it's quite old, and you've probably gotten it before. But because I liked it so much, I wanted to share it. Besides, my wish wouldn't come true if I didn't share it. Hehehe!

I need more ice cream. I'm gonna go now and get some from the freezer.

Goodbye, diet.

Happy Easter! :D

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter, everyone!!!


I told myself that I wouldn't go online during Holy Week, as part of my sacrifice. I was able to do it for two days only (Maundy Thursday and Good Friday), but I did go online the rest of the week. I just didn't blog. :p

We spent the better part of Thursday cleaning the house - sort of like Spring cleaning, only there's no spring here and it's the middle of summer. Hehehe! My Friday was spent cleaning my room and in between breaks, I was doing my reflections. I don't know why, but cleaning makes me think more. It's like the more I clean, the more i come up with something in my head. I should fix my room more often. LOL!

On Saturday, my mom's sisters and their families went to the house to surprise mom. Needless to say it was an emotional day. Buckets of tears were shed (mostly tears of joy :) ) and laughter filled the air.

It was the secret plan I mentioned on my previous blog entry. :) Instead of our usual clan outing on Holy Week, our titas, tito and our cousins spent the day at our house. It was great seeing them again, and everyone, especially mom was happy to see them.

We spent the day eating, chatting, catching up on things, laughing and the occasional crying. Yep, we're an emotional bunch. :p The day seemed shorter and before we knew it, it was already time for them to go. It was kinda sad to see them go, but the joy we felt that they came and visited far outweighed it.

This Holy Week, I veered away from the usual Holy Week TV fare. I didn't watch any of the Lenten Specials, instead, my tv was glued to CNN.

I was closely following the Terri Schiavo case, the brain-damaged woman in Florida and her family's battle with her husband to keep her alive. It's so so heart-wrenching. Her feeding tube was taken out 8 days ago, by order of the court, siding with her husband's claim that she didn't want to be kept alive artificially. Her parents contend that Terri wouldn't say that because of her faith, and that taking out her feeding tube wasn't mercy, but murder. Even the US Congress, Pres. Bush and his brother, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has tried to intervene, but the Federal courts, State Court and even the US Supreme Court has denied her parents appeal to reinsert the feeding tube.

Euthanasia has always been a sensitive case. Even I cannot say for sure where I'll side. I try to put myself in Terri's shoes. Would I want to be kept alive artificially or would I want my doctors to pull the plug? Would I sign a Do Not Resuscitate order or would I want them to do everything that they could possibly do to keep me alive?

On one hand it seems barbaric to pull the plug, and on the other hand, it seems merciful to end a person's suffering. My mind is telling me that euthanasia is merciful, but my heart is telling me that it is wrong. A person's right to live isn't determined by another person. It is not for us to say when someone's life has to end. Even if her doctors say that Terri Schiavo is in a permanent vegetative state, how sure are they that she really is? In interview with a lady who had a similar situation, but miraculously recovered, she said that when she was in a vegetative state, her mind was so alive. She could see and hear everything around her, but she couldn't express it. She couldn't move, she couldn't speak. She looked lifeless on the outside, but inside she was screaming that she was still alive.

I can only imagine how hard it is for Terri's parents to see her slowly die of starvation (oz her feeding tube was removed). And it seems to me that the US courts are heartless for giving the order to remove her feeding tube and for continually denying her parent's appeals. Shouldn't people embrace life and not death?

Holy Week and I

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I have been too lazy to blog lately. I blame it all on PMS (wahaha! convenient excuse, I know). I have so much to blog about, I even have an outline. Yup, you read that right, I have an outline. I'm not sure if I'm just terribly OC or because I've been used to making outlines whenever I would compose a long prose/essay/paper/research. It makes my thoughts more organized. Heehee, my grade school English teacher would be so happy when she learns I still do what she taught us back then. :p

Now I know it's officially summer. After the typhoon last week, which didn't pass through Manila. This week, so far, it's been scorching. Hmmm.. I used to wonder when I was a child if it was hot because it was Holy Week. Feeling ko kasama sa kalbaryo ng Semana Santa yung init. :p Of course, I know now that's it's because Holy Week is in summer. But I do notice that it seems hotter during Holy Week.

We're supposed to have finalized our plans for the annual clan outing by now. We usually have it during Holy Week when everybody is available and because quite a number have birthdays and special occasions to celebrate in March and April. This year, we weren't able to make any plans, because we've all been pre-occupied. It's usually mom, her sister Tita Belle and I who initiates the plan, but since mom is undergoing chemo, the annual family outing slipped our minds. I didn't even realize it until my Tita mentioned that they didn't want to go swimming without us. My tita and I have a secret plan, and it's been quite hard for me to keep it a secret from everyone, especially mom. Tita Belle made me promise not to tell mom coz she wanted it to be a surprise and if it doesn't push through, she didn't want mom to be disappointed.

When I was growing up, Holy Week had a lot of restrictions, specially when my maternal grandmother was still alive. No playing, no loud voices, no laughing out loud, no tv (well, that one we had no choice because the local stations were signed off or they were showing religious movies at night, and there was no cable tv yet :p) . It was hard! Specially for hyperactive kids. I was fidgetty and I was bored. But I did like watching Jesus of Nazareth because Robert Powell, who portrayed Jesus, had eyes with the most amazing shade of blue.

Holy Week in my youth was a time of quiet reflection for the things Jesus did for us. Of course, I didn't realize that then. But now, call me old fashioned or whatever, I kinda miss the "sanctity" of Holy Week. I don't like the Boracay beach parties during Holy Week, which were fashioned like the ones they have in Ibiza, Spain. I dunno, it just doesn't seem right, like it's sacrilegious or something. No offense meant to the people who do enjoy it, just voicing an opinion. :)

Whenever we have our family outing during Holy Week, there's a part of me feeling guilty that I am having fun. I may have my issues about certain Catholic dogmas, and I'm one who could be called a semi-practicing Catholic, but having studied at Catholic schools all my life has ingrained in me that Holy Week is a time for reflection and not for sybaritic delights. But I do admit I feel guilty before and after the outing, but not during. Hehehe...

I'm getting old. :P

Oh, but yeah, I am. I'm turning a year older in 24 days. Yaiks!

Holy Week and I have a long history together. I was born on Maundy Thursday (incidentally, my sister was born on Palm Sunday and my brother on Christmas day :p), and I recall many birthdays which fell on Holy Week. I think I even had a birthday on Good Friday :p

Maybe that's the reason I'm on reflection mode this time.

friday ramblings

Friday, March 18, 2005

I thought it was summer already? How come there's a storm? Tsk, tsk. El Nino is back. We really have to take care of our environment coz it's making the weather whacked.

It's gloomy outside, and the raindrops are quite big. In a weird sort of way, I like the weather. It's a welcome reprieve from the heat of summer. I just hope a lot of people won't be greatly affected. But I heard from the news last night that a number of people have already died from the freakish weather disturbance. :(

I was planning on deleting my haloscan (again?) because it only archives for a few months and blogger now has a refurbished commenting system. However, as I was transferring the comments from haloscan to the blogger comment box, there was a note that said "comments disabled from this post", and I wasn't able to post after that. I tried fixing it (feeling!:p), but I couldn't, so I sent a message to the blogger team. Hopefully, it gets fixed soon.

Mom's next chemo was supposed to be last Tuesday, but her doctor postponed it to Saturday because mom's white blood count (WBC) was kinda low. She gave mom some medicines to make her WBC go up and advised her to eat more. Hopefully tomorrow, the treatment would push through.

As my best friend said, mom is the epitome of girl power. Hehehe. Even if she's undergoing chemo, she still goes to work. Granted that the drugs used now have less side effects than the ones that was previously used, it's still amazing how strong willed mom is. The president of the company has already told her that she didn't have to go to the office, only when she feels like it, but mom still goes. She says it fires her up, and she's taking things slowly, because her staff is competent and she just oversees their work. Maiinip lang daw sha pag nasa bahay sha.

Heehee! Did anyone notice Bo Bice's rebonded hair last night on American Idol? Kaingget! Buti pa sha. Wahaha!

Lindsey was voted off, I would have preferred it it Mikalah was the who got the lowest number of votes. She's just so annoyingly nasal. And I think Lindsey performed better than Anthony Fedorov, who was so boring. But apparently, he had more fans than Lindsey.

Oh well, at least all my bets are still there. :)

Trivia: The venue for this week's Extra Challenge is La Luz. Yup, the same resort we went to last Friday for our company outing. They filmed this week's episodes a few days before we went there. Sayang, di namin inabutan. :p

Hmmm... Holy Week na pala next week.

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Troops storm jail; 23 dead
By Edu Punay
The Philippine Star 03/16/2005

Loud explosions rocked a maximum security jail at Camp Bagong Diwa in Bicutan, Taguig City yesterday morning, heralding the start of an assault on the facility by government troops to end a daylong standoff with Abu Sayyaf detainees.

When the smoke cleared, 22 prisoners lay dead, among them Abu Sayyaf leaders Alhamser Limbong, alias Kosovo; Ghalib Andang, alias Commander Robot; and Nadjmi Sabdula, alias Commander Global. The authorities gave no tally for the wounded prisoners.

Full story here.

The prison seige at Bicutan had a bloody end yesterday. It may sound callous of me, but I'm one of those people who are glad. The Abu Sayyaf prisoners who instigated the seige got what they deserved.

I personally think that the authorities made a tactical error in handling the situation. I could not, for the life of me, understand why they had to negotiate with these terrorists. They should have launched an assault immediately. The prisoners have already killed several jail wardens and still the authorities negotiated?! I thought the standing order was that the government doesn't negotiate with terrorists? What ever happened to that? These people were hardened criminals involved with executions, murder, kidnap for ransom, bombings and other terrorist attacks.

It took the authorities 27 hours to negotiate, but only less than 2 hours for the Special Action Forces to take over the building. What a waste of 27 hours. It would have been over last Monday had they taken over immediately. Sabi na nga ba, basta may pumasok nang politico sa usapan, lalong tumatagal.

It was embarrassing how the jail wardens got overpowered. It showed the vulnerability of our penal system. No wonder other countries have travel advisories against us. What a shame, coz the country is very beautiful, yet all the world hears about is how dangerous it is. Grrr.

Nevertheless, I am glad it's over. I just hope this NEVER happens again.

Yahoo! has decided to join the blogging bandwagon. They're launching Yahoo! 360 soon, in response to Microsoft's MSN Spaces and Google's Blogger. Hmmm.. I wonder if it's any good.


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

My face is starting to peel. Ick. I've been trying to prevent myself from touching it, but sadly, I have not been successful. LOL.

My body has been telling me that I need the exercise since Saturday, when my muscles started to ache, after all the swimming I did last Friday. If I were in shape, my shoulder and leg muscles wouldn't be screaming bloody murder everytime I try to move. Oh well, I had a blast swimming and I have no regrets, coz the water was cool and the waves were quite high. It was heavenly.

Mom and I left the house at 5 am and got to the office by 5:30am, because our scheduled time of departure was before 6:30am. We wanted get good seats on the bus, that's why we wanted to be early :p Unfortunately, our bus was late. We were able to leave Makati before 7 am, because our stuff (bags, coolers, etc) had to be loaded in the bus.

As soon as we were moving, I started taking photos of everyone in the bus. I forgot that the bus wasn't tinted and I must have looked like a tourist happily snapping pictures. When I realized that, we were already at the corner of Ayala & Makati Avenues and the persons on the vehicles near us were looking at me. Nyahaha!

Anticipating the long trip, our bus driver got out the vcds and popped one inside the player so we could watch it. Horror of horrors, the movie he chose was Final Destination 2. Yup, the one with the massive accident on the freeway as it's opening scene. I've seen it a number of times and I told mom not to watch it coz it wasn't an appropriate movie to watch when we're on the road. As soon as we were on the South Luzon Expressway, the massive accident scene was on screen. Hahaha, parang nananadya pa! Creepy, di ba? :p

The women started screeching and we told the driver to change the vcd, which he did. Mwahahaha! That was funny. Everyone was wide awake after that. But not me. :p Since I've already seen the movie he replaced, I took out my brother's Ipod from my bag and sang along in my head. :p I fell asleep and we were already in Batangas when I woke up. It was a good thing, coz I only had 2 1/2 hours of sleep the night before.

Our destination was La Luz Resort, in San Juan, Batangas. It was about an hour from Lipa City and the last 4 kilometers were rough roads (bad for your bums :p). To reach the parking area of the resort, our bus had to go steeply up a narrow winding road, then steeply down again. From the parking area, we had to walk down a stone stairway to get to the resort. It was easy going down, but it was hard going up, specially if you were carrying big bags, and have no exercise. Haha! There's another entrance to the resort for cars and smaller vans, but since we were in a bus, we were directed to the other one.

The place was beautiful, for lack of a better word. The breeze was cool to the skin, the beach was inviting. The sand was beige and the water was in different shades of blue. I have no complaints about the place, it was breath-taking and relaxing.

The service however was dismaying. Their Manila office said that upon arrival, we were going to have welcome drinks. Of course we assumed it was going to be juice, iced tea or sodas. Hehehe... they gave us water. Pero okay lang yun, at least meron, diba? What ticked us off was how the staff directed us to several cabanas, and when our stuff was already fixed, they told us to move to the other side of the resort because they said that was the one reserved for us. Hello? Couldn't they confirm first before leading us to the other side, so that we wouldn't have to move to the other end of the resort, after we've settled down? It was such a hassle because we had to fix our stuff again and lug it off to the other end of the resort.

After some grumbling (mostly from the "oldies", we let it pass and decided to enjoy the beach. The sand was flat from our cabana to the beach chairs, but from there, it was at an angle to the water. Up close, the water was more inviting. The waves were quite strong and it was crashing on the big rock formation. Beautiful. The water was clear and we can easily see our feet.

It was a hot day, and it was a good thing I had an SPF 45 sunblock - takot ako mangitim :p Surprisingly, even if it was hot, the water was cold. Ang sarap! It was high tide, so we weren't that far from the beach and the water was already over my head.

I went snorkeling and I had so much fun! I saw colorful fishes near the rock formation. Too bad I don't have an underwater camera, it would have been nice to take pictures. Kaya lang, there were a lot of jelly fishes, averaging about 6 inches in diameter. We had to keep an eye out for them. Some of our officemates had fun flinging the jellyfishes out to the beach. Hahaha! Unahan pa sa paghahanap.

Food was provided by the resort. We weren't allowed to bring our own, just some junk food. All the guests were supposed to eat the the dining area. Eating at their cabanas and rented houses weren't allowed.

We had soup, pork teriyaki, chicken pastel, grilled tuna & rice. For desert we had fruits - pineapples, cantaloupe and watermelons. The others found it bland, but I liked it :p However, we noticed that when people went for second servings, the staff manning the buffet table were smirking. We took it to mean that people were supposed to get only one serving, but they could have placed a notice or informed the guests that it wasn't an all-you-can-eat buffet. We weren't the only ones who noticed that and one of the guests asked if it was an all-you-can-eat buffet. They said it was, which prompted the guest to ask, "Then why do you smirk when people go for seconds? That's just plain rude." I would have applauded him, but i could see that the staff was duly chastised after that. Strike 3 for the staff.

After lunch, we rested a bit before diving into the water again. I took pictures, some took naps, some played tong-its. I was in my own little world, gaily clicking away, looking for good angles. Hahahah! Feeling photographer.

Before we knew it, it was almost time for us to leave. The staff directed us to the bigger shower rooms. It was quite a walk, but I went there to change clothes in the morning and it was nice. When we got there, the rooms were locked. We didn't want to go walk back to look for a staff member then walk back again to change clothes. Tamad kasi. :p Good thing I brought my bag and cellphone was there. so I called mom to tell Tita Nellie that the rooms were locked, so she could tell one of the resort staff. Then an old lady approached us and said that they locked the doors because the water pressure was low. I asked her if she had the key, because we were directed there. She said the keys were with the front desk. Hmm.. strike 4 and counting.

By that time I was getting pretty angry, I thought they were wasting our time, so I decided to walk back to the smaller shower rooms at the other end of the resort. Halfway there, we bumped into the girl with the key to the big shower rooms. My companions told her we were going back coz the old lady said there was low water pressure. She said it wasn't true. They turned back but I didn't go with them. There wasn't any line so I was able to quickly shower and change.

My hair was almost dry and the people who showered in the big shower rooms weren't done yet. It was about 30 minutes since I've finished my shower, when the they came back to our cabanas. Turns out the water pressure was good at the start, then it turned to trickles. They couldn't go to the other room coz they were already covered in soap. Hehehe. Strike 5.

We had merienda befiore leaving the resort. I told mom that we should start walking up the steps to the bus earlier than the others so she could walk slowly. I know that it would be hard for her to go up because it was quite steep and it was high, considering she's still not a hundred percent coz she just had chemo 2 weeks ago.

We were both out of breath by the time we got to the bus. When I looked around, the others were in no better condition. We were all out of breath, which prompted one to say that it was a hellish climb. I couldn't agree more. Mga kulang sa exercise. Hahaha!

I enjoyed the trip, especially because the place was amazing. If I were given a survey before leaving the place though, the staff would recieve very low scores from me. It was difficult going there and the manner of the staff left a bad taste in my mouth (it was the smirking that did it). The wonderful scenery isn't worth another trip back to the resort, in my opinion. That's crossed out in my book.

Hopefully next year, we'd go to a better resort. I wouldn't mind if it wasn't as beautiful, but I'd really appreciate it if the service was good.

Buti pa sister ko company outing nila sa Pagudpud. Kainggit! Chie, ingat and enjoy the trip. See you on Saturday! Pasalubong! :D


Sunday, March 13, 2005

Here are some of the pictures I took during our company outing last Friday.

I'll post more tomorrow, along with my kwento.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Row 1, left to right: 1. I took a picture of the sky as soon as i got out of the bus; 2. view of the beach from our cabana; 3. mom enjoying the view;
Row 2, left to right: 1. I call this "The Rock", hehehe! 2. another view of the beach and the beach chairs from our cabana; 3. one of the rooms at the resort;
Row 3, left to right: 1. the row of trees lining the beach, near the beach volleyball area; 2. another pic of "The Rock"; 3. yet another view of the beach from our cabana;
Row 4, left to right: 1. rock formations near the dining area; 2. the "Ipil house", one of the three-bedrooom guest houses, 3. the path to the stairway going up the parking area.


Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Sometimes I wonder why we find it easier to disclose our innermost thoughts to virtual strangers. Do we find it freer because of the cloak of anonymity? Or are we afraid that the people who know us would look at us and act differently towards us if they know what we're really thinking, what we've done and what we plan to do? Would they think we've gone cuckoo if some of our ideas are atrocious? Are we afraid to be judged because of the things we've said and done? I'm sure there are a myriad of reasons, and if I list it all down, it would take years for me to finish. Whatever our personal reasons are, doesn't really matter anymore. I'm just glad that there's a venue like this where we could truly be ourselves without fear of rejection and judgement.

I watched the last semi-final round for the guys on American Idol last night. Great show as always. The men this year are way better than the girls, who are simply put, boring.

Although admitedly, Constantine Maroulis is my favorite, I think they should award the title of American Idol to Anwar Robinson right now. :p He's the best among this year's crop of talent and I've yet to see him have a bad night.

Constantine did well last night, contrary to what Simon thought. :p I think of the past three semi-final performances, last night was his personal best. Last week, I cringed when he kinda overdid Hard to Handle. Pero like ko pa din sha, kahit mejo maangas sha. Heehee!

I didn't like Bo Bice's performance last night. I think it was because of his song choice. Nabaduyan ako sa totoo lang. Maybe I was just so tired of hearing I'll Be, because every pseudo-singer-wannabe-rocker has sung it on every variety show here. I still think his voice is great, I just like him better if he was singing Classic rock songs.

Is it just me, or does Mario Vasquez look like Wilmer Valderama of That 70's Show? hahaha!

monday, monday

Monday, March 07, 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.comCompany outing this Friday. Woohoo!!! Something great to look forward to. :)

I've been on beach/outing mode since the last week of February, when it started getting hotter and I am excited, to say the least. :D

This year we're going to La Luz Resort in San Juan, Batangas. I've never been there so I checked out the resort's website and here are some of the pictures I found. Oh, lest I forget and be sued for copyright infringement, the pictures were taken by eppgarcia. Hehehe... I don't know who he is, but I wanted to give him credit, after all, he took these pictures, I just put them together on photoshop. :)

I hope the place looks as good as it does in the pictures.

I found out that aside from the usual swimming, guests at the resort can go snorkeling, diving, boating and kayaking for a minimal fee. Guests can also have massages by the beach or go hiking at Mt. Dagulgol, where Naambon Falls and the Peak are the highlights of the trek. Wow! Excited na talaga ako. :D Pero sana next year, Punta Fuego uli. hahaha!

Formula 1 season officially started yesterday with the Foster's Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia. There were new rules implemented, which either made the race more exciting or boring, depending on one's views. Though it certainly made the race depend more on the driver's skills, than on the car their driving.

Aside from the new rules (e.g. no simultaneous fuel and tire change pitstops), there are new drivers, new team owners, new team driver pairings and new qualifying sessions. These will surely make the races more exciting.

Giancarlo Fisichella of Mild Seven Renault Team won the Australian Grand Prix, followed by Ferrari's Reubens Barichello and Renault temamate, Fernando Alonso. Michael Schumacher was forced to stop his race because of a collision with Williams-BMW's Nick Heidfeld, with just 15 laps to go. My favorite, West McLaren-Mercedes driver, Kimi Raikkonen was only 8th. It was alright though, coz he started the race from the pitstop (his car stalled after the warm-up lap), and finished 8th, getting the last point.

There will be 19th races this year, happening every two weeks, the next at Sepang, Malaysia. Hopefully, Kimi will have a better season and win more races.

my high school crush

Friday, March 04, 2005

Five days of being bed-ridden sucks. So I hauled myself out of bed and went online :D

I was chatting with Clare earlier about someone we had a crush on in high school, who's now a celebrity. I remember eyeing him everytime he went to our school to visit his girlfriend, who was a batchmate of ours. Malabo mata ko, pero lumilinaw pag alam ko na nandun yung crush ko. bwahahahaha! Our highschool tambayan was at the Pergola, Gate 1, so I'd see him everytime he's there. :p

I had a crush on him until we were in College. We attended the same university and he was part of the varsity soccer team. He wasn't very tall, but he had the most amazing gray eyes. (nyahaha! I'm gushing) I'd see him every morning before classes because he had soccer practice, our tambayan was near the field and I was always early (but not because I wanted to see him, I was just never late ;p) We were classmates in a couple of subjects, but our conversations never went beyond the "Hi. Hello. What's our assignment?" type.

Then my sister mentioned that he was her friend's busmate in grade school. And I naturally asked how he was back then. My bubble burst when she said, "Hehehe... uhugin daw sha noon" Nyahaha! My high school crush was an ugly duckling. But his eyes are still to-die-for. :)

He transferred to the college across the street in my junior year and I only saw him occasionally after that. The next thing I knew, he was doing commercials again and was starting a movie and tv career. Now I see him on tv and I'd remember when I had the biggest crush on him, then I'd smile when I recall that he was "uhugin" in grade school.

Chie, Clare, no names ha? Baka masira career nya pag nalaman ng tao na uhugin sha noon. Mwahaha! j/k

back from my forced hibernation

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Today is my mom and dad's 30th wedding anniversary. Galeng no? 30 years! And in this day and age, that's really an accomplishment.

Happy Anniversary, mom & dad!

It's also my cousin Geebee's birthday today. :) Happy birthday, Geebs!

I've been sick for the past three days, must've been because of the change in the weather. I'm still not completely well, but I'm feeling better than I have the past couple of days. I have done nothing but sleep, eat and watch tv the whole time. Sounds nice, but it wasn't. Not when I'm achy all over and nursing almost 39 degree fevers.

I was able to watch the Oscar Awards yesterday - a super delayed, commercial-laden one. I hate it when Channel 9 has exclusive rights to air the show, because they blocked out all the cable channels showing it, too. Not like Studio 23 who had the rights to air it last year.

I had no choice but to endure the long commercial breaks. They even cut the show, even if it wasn't time for the commercials yet, just so they could accommodate the advertising blocks they sold. Nakakainis! The show was already done in the US and it was only halfway done here. I even saw on CNN who won the major awards 2 hours before channel 9 got to that part of the show. My eyes were already drooping because I was sick, but the long breaks made it worse. I fell asleep countless times, but I didn't really miss much.

The show was hosted by Chris Rock, whom you'd either love or hate. I never did like him and I've never been a fan of his brand of comedy - there's just nothing funny about bashing other people. And the way he bashed Jude Law, Nicole Kidman and other people on his opening monologue was harsh. Even Sean Penn, who took the stage as a presenter said, "With apologies to our host for my compromised sense of humor, I think Jude Law is one of our finest actors." Hahaha! I won't say anything more, coz I've been taught to keep my mouth shut if I have nothing nice to say. Or maybe I just preferred Billy Crystal's or Conan O'Brien's sense of humor. :)

So it's now 0-6 for Martin Scorsese, always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Ditto for Leo diCaprio, Johnny Depp & Annette Bening. I haven't seen Million Dollar Baby yet, so I can't offer an opinion if Hilary Swank, Clint Eastwood and the movie deserve the award. :) I think though that Morgan Freeman, Cate Blanchett and Jamie Foxx deserved their win. In my humble opinion, Morgan Freeman is a good actor, :) and I've always liked Cate Blanchett, she's been amazing in all her films I've watched (Elizabeth, The Gift, LOTR, etc.). Jamie Foxx scored a grand slam, winning Best actor for his performance in Ray, in all the major award-giving bodies. That says a lot about how good his performance was. And his speech was moving, the way he paid tribute to his grandbmother.

Because of the long breaks, I found the Oscar ceremonies quite boring. Maybe if it was fast-paced and not shown for 4 and a half hours here, I'd enjoy it more. Then again, maybe not. Even one of the nominees was caught sleeping, when Jeremy Irons presented an award. His wife had to nudge him awake, but she was too late. It was already shown to a billion people worldwide, how he was slouching on his chair, mouth slightly open, and he looked dazed for a second. He covered up the snafu, by pretending he was praying. Haha! Sorry, but he didn't fool anyone :p

After 3 days of not going online, I had 139 unread emails in my yahoo inbox and 12 on my gmail. Of the 139 yahoo mails, 48 were legit and 91 were SPAM messages. 91! Sheesh.

I did check how many emails I got over on gprs. Now I think I'll have a relapse just thinking bout how big my cellphone bill will be next month. Yikes! That's why I love Globe's new G2P service. :) At least now I can cut off some of my cellphone bills when I think I'm over my plan limit. I can just switch to prepaid via text, and I'll still have the same number. Hehehe... so wala na talagang silbi yung Smart number ko.