single on heart's day?

Friday, February 11, 2005

Single on heart's day? No worries. :) Just because you're single on Valentine's Day, it doesn't mean that you should mope and feel sorry that you don't have a significant other. I've always maintained that Valentine's Day is over-rated - that it's just another excuse to blow your salary away. Hahahaha! That sounded bitter. :p But seriously, I do think that it's too commercialized (like any other special occasion). We shouldn't wait till Valentine's Day to show someone how special they are to us.

O sige na nga, I might feel differently if I were in a relationship now and we're celebrating heart's day together. Hahaha! But I think I'll still find it kinda cheesy. It will be fun, but it will still be cheesy. Gosh, do I sound jaded? :p Whatever. The point is, Valentine's Day wasn't created to make single people miserable. :)

I found this article on Cosmo magazine's website: and I thought I'd share it. :)

The Unattached Cosmo Girl's Guide to Surviving Valentine's Day

The prospect of spending Valentine's Day alone can make even the most empowered single girl quake in her stilettos. As February rolls around, we begin to wonder bitterly if it's all just a grand conspiracy hatched by evil ad men and vile little Cupid demons to make Hallmark, restaurant owners, and florists rich, while making the rest of us singletons thoroughly miserable. Make this Valentine's more bearable by keeping in mind these singlehood sanity-saving guidelines:

DO find strength in numbers.

Get through the couples' holiday when you're single with a little help from your (single) friends. Rustle up all your unattached friends and make plans to paint the town red. Start out with a cozy, candlelight dinner (for twelve!) at a fancy restaurant, and then stop off at several nightspots, making sure to dance like crazy 'til dawn. You can also ask each friend to bring along another single pal so that everyone gets to meet someone new. Karen, 31, a telecommunications executive recalls how instead of the usual party, they had a 'Papa Potluck.' "Instead of bringing food, however, we each brought a single male friend. One of the guys from that dinner is actually going to be my date this Valentine's!" ...

So take control, single girl, and have a fabulous Valentine's, an even more fabulous February, and a truly fantastic life.

Read the full article here

"I gave her a beautiful middle name, Simone. If she hates Tu, she can always be Simone." -- "Numb3rs" star ROB MORROW on naming his daughter TU MORROW, quoted in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

I feel sorry the kid. Didn't he think that his child would be teased unmercifully because of the name she was given?!