laughter and prayers

Monday, February 07, 2005

Before I proceed with my blog, I want to thank everybody who left very comforting comments and offered prayers for my mom. My family and I are very grateful. :)

I haven't blogged in days. Obviously. Hehehe. Not that I have nothing to blog about, coz I do. I just don't want to make another sad blog. It gets tiring. It's draining. Writing about it is cathartic, and it certainly takes loads off my shoulders, but I also feel emotionally drained after. It's like I've lost energy after writing it down. Plus, I have my diary for that :p

I tried to blog since Thursday, but I'd rather blog about the positives and not dwell on the negative, so I ended up not writing a single word. Yes, sometimes it's hard to look for something to smile about, especially when one has a problem. But staying positive has more benefits, than moping around all day. Moping never solved any problem.

As the saying goes, "Laughter is the best medicine." I read an article last week, that said that latest scientific research has proven that laughing strengthens the immune system. So laughter doesn't only make people feel better by the release of endorphins, it also improves their health. It's no wonder happy people not only look fit and younger, they also live longer.

I told om about that article I read and she said, "We will laugh our way to recovery." :) I like that.

Last Saturday, we went to mom's oncologist and think it went well in terms of giving us comfort and peace of mind. The doctor was able to give us our options and was able to explain the test results in a way that, although it wasn't exactly good news, made us feel better. She explained the plan of action she intends to take and I'm optimistic about it.

I still believe in miracles. I still have hope and I have faith. I still believe in the power of prayers. And I thank you for including mom in yours.