is it summer already?

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Summer is definitely in the air. I spent the better part of the morning and early afternoon on the road and it was scorching hot!

I felt like I was inside an oven whenever the car was stationary on the road. When the rays of the sun hit my skin, it felt like I was sizzling, which made the trip kinda irritating. No exagerration. Sobrang init talaga kaninang tanghali. Even the air coming out of the aircon was warm. It would only become cooler if we're under a shade or if the car is moving fast. If we were stuck in traffic earlier, I wouldn't be surprised if I had heat stroke (knock on wood!)

It's only the last week of February and I already feel the sweltering heat. I can only imagine how hot it would be in March and on my birthday month. Dali! Swimming na!!!

Mom had her 1st chemo cycle (for this session) this morning. After dropping off my brother in school, we proceeded to Dra. Gorospe's clinic, just in time for mom's 11 am appointment. A little before 12, she was called in, and her chemo was administered.

I brought a thick book with me, so I wouldn't get bored while waiting. But I was surprised at how fast mom's treatment was today. She was done in an hour! Looking back, I think that's the fastest chemo treatment she's had. Previously, the least amount of time was 4 hours, the longest was 8 hours, which required an overnight stay in the hospital.

After eating lunch at the hospital cafeteria, we were on the way home.

As I write this, mom is resting in their room. She's feeling a bit woozy, although I think it was more because of the trip home, than the chemo itself. Usually the effects would set in, in a day or two. Her doctor said the effects of the chemo drugs used this time, is milder compared to the previous ones used. She even said mom could go to work if she wanted to. :)

We'll have to wait and see how the medicines would affect mom. I'm praying she'll have less discomfort. It's too early to tell, but it looks promising. Even now she's looking forward to the company outing in two weeks. :)

Tomorrow is the 19th anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution. And although we rid the country of a dictator and we regained our freedom, things doesn't seem so different to me now. Maybe I feel like this because I wasn't born yet when Martial Law was declared, and I was too young and too naive to know how important regaining our freedom was. But the old faces are back (they just disappeared for a few years, but now some of them are back in power), the economy is still struggling. The human rights victims still haven't received true justice.

People may disagree with what I wrote and it pains me to say that, coz I know we're capable of so much more. And yes, there has been a bit of progress and the freedom we have is indeed precious. It's just disheartening to see that after 19 years we're no where near what we could potentially be. Maybe it's true that we have short memories or maybe even selective memories. Or are we just too forgiving? Isang sorry lang, okay na agad. There should be a corresponding repentance for every act that was forgiven.

Forgiveness is right, but we shouldn't forget that easily.

Holiday tomorrow. Enjoy the long weekend! :D


franz said...

jennie! sinabi mo pa! grabe na init today. parang wala man lang pasintabi ung init. parang isang araw malamig pa then kinabukasan init na agad. lalo na pag tanghali. umalis nga rin kami kanina and antagal lumamig ng aircon! hehehe. grabe. wala pa naman kami aircon sa bahay. haay.

pati pla mga ulam, kailangan ilagay agad sa ref ung tira or else mabilis mapanis. hehehe. naalala ko lng. :)

Jennie said...

ay talaga, franz. biglaan yung init kahapon. nung isang araw, mejo malamig pa eh.

tama! thanks for the reminder, sayang yung food kung mapapanis lang ;)