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Saturday, February 19, 2005

With all the things going on around me, I completely forgot that it was my blogspot anniversary last Saturday. hehehe! I've been blogging for 3 years and Blogger has been my bloghome for a year now. I never regretted moving here from xanga and mydeardiary. The only "problem" is, now that I know html and basic javascript (thank you, dynamic drive and blogskins! :p), I get the urge to change templates at least once a month. In fact, I have at least 15 templates on file. :D

It's been two weeks since our sentra was bumped from behind by the BMW of a very famous and sometimes controversial dermatologist. Our car is still in the shop (ang bagal kasi ng insurance company nya, kaya last week lang nadala sa shop). There was no substantial damage to her vehicle but the bumper and the trunk of our car were really dented. Can you imagine how tough her BMW is? Wawa naman car namin. Haha!

Nope, she wasn't in her car when we got bumped in front of Don Bosco, on the way to the Skyway ramp. Only her driver and an older guy was in the car. I failed to mention, I wasn't there either, so there were no celebrities involved. Nyahahaha! Ang kapal ko talaga. Joke lang :p

I was worried when mom texted me that they were bumped from behind and it's a good thing that no one was hurt in the accident.

Mom will probably start her chemo sessions again by next week. Her doctor advised that it was the best option to take, given the circumstances. She also said that mom's condition wasn't as bad as we thought, and that was music to my ears.

She'll be using a different combination of drugs, because the previous ones used weren't as successful. I was quite relieved when the doctor expressed that the side effects wouldn't be as unpleasant as before. There would still be nausea, vomiting and discomfort, but it will be milder. Besides, mom's doctor gives her medicines to stop nausea, so it wouldn't be as severe as we thought it would be.

We can't say that we're used to it because mom has had several chemo sessions the past few years. Even if we know what to expect, we still worry. In fact, it makes me worry more because of that. But prayers give us strength. And even if there are times I feel like I'm losing faith, I know God is good and He'll never abandon us.

We got through it before, we'll get through it again. After all, prayers work. :)


franz said...

dito na ako kasi blogger naman ako e. hehehe.

i also love to change templates. kaso ngyn di ko pa maisip kung ano naman next ko trip na design. tska di pa ako sawa dito e. hehehe.

lamo tagal na ko nagiisip kung kelan kaya ako/kami makakabangga ng car ng celeb. sayang nga lang wala pala kayo pareho dun. di sana nakahingi ka ng libreng makeover! hehehe.

Jennie said...

hi franz! ok yun, i plan to delete my haloscan nga eh, kasi ok na naman yung comment box ng blogger, di ba? :) kaya lang walang smileys :p

ako nagpipigil na magpalit na naman ng template :p maganda nga yung template mo :)

haha! sayang nga wala kami pareho, libreng lipo siguro hiningi ko imbes na ipaayos yung car namin. hahaha! joke lang :p

dennah said...

ngek, nabangga kayo ng kotse ni belo? waw, celebrity car na ang kotse nyo! buti walang nasaktan :)

hay, music to my ears din yung sinabi ng doc. kahit na hindi music to your pockets, music pa rin, diba? :D

Jennie said...

nyahaha! kaw talaga, di ko na nga siya pinangalanan eh. :p celebrity car nga, sus, kaines naman tignan yung bumper. pero oo nga buti walang nasaktan.

sana music din sa pockets. hahaha!