bloody valentine

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

MANILA (AFP) - Eleven people were killed and at least 53 others were injured in a series of Valentine's Day bombings by suspected Muslim militants that hit Manila and two southern Philippine cities, officials said.

Three people were killed on the spot and about 20 others were injured when a powerful bomb ripped through a passenger bus in the Makati financial district of Manila in early evening, Metropolitan Manila police chief Avelino Razon said.

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It angers me that terrorist attacks like these still continue. And I will never understand how these people think that what they are doing is right. Not when innocent people are victimized. Pasabugin na lang nila ang mga sarili nila, wag na silang mangdamay ng iba. Mas masaya pa ako dun.


Ginnoi said...

I was theeeeeeerreee!!! the ambulance was rushing to the mrt station nasa labas kme ng pbcom shems buti di ako ng mrt papasok! i was at the bus (ayala-leveriza route) when the flash report came on tv, as in, pauwi nag taxi na lang ako kakatakot kze mag bus =s hay nko, stupid terrorists, ewan! therye so illogical, but then again, logical and terrorists dont jive together! wahaha!!

Jennie said...

ginnoi! welcome back! :) OMG nandun ka?! katakot noh? buti na lang you're safe. my brother was at the mrt when the news reports came in. i called him asap. kaya daw pala the mrt didn't stop at the ayala station. nakakainis talaga yang mga terorista na yan! GRRR!!!

Jennie said...
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