Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Once again I've had proof that life is fleeting and we never really know how long we have in this world.

I was checking my friendster account yesterday and a message on my bulletin board caught my eye. It was a message for Lasallians and I thought at first that it was one of those survey type entries. I was shocked when I read the message. Dennis said one of our batchmates Miggy B. passed away the night before, due to kidney failure, as a complication of colon CA. I had to read it twice to make sure and I immediately sent Clare an sms because she was the one who informed me two nights ago that Miggy was at Makati Med.

It was quite a shock to learn that he had passed away coz it seemed so sudden. He's still young and I'm sure he wanted to and could accomplish a lot more.

He left behind a son and he and his girlfriend were planning to tie the knot this year. Yes, this is very sad news, but I think his family is in a way glad that he's gone coz his pain has ended and that he is now nestled in the arms of the Lord.

Rest in peace, Miggy.