i'm feeling so good :)

Thursday, January 27, 2005

I'm feeling so much better today as compared to the past few days. I don't even care that the post I did earlier was deleted and I have to do it all over again :p I can't stop myself from smiling even if I tried. :)

Mom and I were in Makati Medical Center this morning for her liver ultrasound. Mom decided to have her work-up tests in Makati Med because all her records are there. At least it would be easier to compare it from the previous ones.

An hour after we got there, the results came out. And I am happy to announce that the results were very favorable. Mom's liver was normal :D Thank God! One test done, two more to go.

We rescheduled mom's bone scan and chest xray for Tuesday next week, coz she still has a bit of cough. It might affect the outcome, so we thought it was best to do it another day. Hopefully, the results would also be favorable. :)

I couldn't sleep last night because I was worried. But even if I only had 3 hours of sleep, I feel better than I have the past few days. I can breathe better now, although there are still 2 tests to go. I'm praying for the best.

Mom is in high spirits today, on account of the good liver ultrasound result, and it makes me doubly. nah, triply (is this even a word? :p) ecstatic that she is. My mom is the pillar of strength - mentally and emotionally. If it were a person of lesser strength, that person would have broken down and given up years ago. That doesn't mean she doesn't get her hopes down, but those are rare for her. She's not one to mope. If I only have half of her strength, I'd be very contented.

Thank you again for including her in your prayers. My whole family and I are very grateful.

I was doing my blog rounds and I came upon Tyn's entry. It was about a New York radio station's insensitive, racist skit about the South Asian Tsunami. I was disgusted that these people made fun of the devastating tragedy via the "Tsunami Song", which had offensive lyrics. It was cruel how they trivialized the loss of hundreds of thousands of people. How would they feel if we made fun of their personal tragedies? If people made a joke out of 9/11?

The radio station Hot 97 suspended the dj Miss Jones and 6 members of the crew indefinitely. I thought they got off lightly. I think they deserve to be fired.

You can read the news report here.

And if you are as disgusted as I am, you can sign the petition here.

My sister was on tv Tuesday morning at Breakfast @ Studio 23. Hehehe... celebrity moment :D