here's to the new year!

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Year 2005 has arrived. New Year, new hopes and dreams.

During last night's New Year's celebration, I felt sad. It was ironic because I've been so excited about the New Year since I woke up, but thirty minutes before midnight, I was melancholic. It was weird, to say the least.

It felt like I was just going through the motions. We lit up fireworks and I was happy but after that sadness enveloped me. I don't know why and it kinda freaked me out so I stayed in my room after having Media Noche. I can't explain it until now.

Anyway, enough of that! A new year has begun and it's time to start anew. I am optimistic that it will be a better year for everyone, despite the psychic predictions of doom. I've never believed the psychic predictions every year, but I admit I read them. :p I have no idea which psychics are real or not, but I think it's very easy to make predictions. One can always say that a prominent person is gonna die this year - after all, death is inevitable. Or that there will be natural disasters - hello? di ba lagi namang meron? Besides, I believe that we make our own destinies. It doesn't matter what was predicted, we can always change it if it's bad. We have a choice to believe it and feel dread, or do something to avert it from happening.

I've never kept a new year's resolution. Ever. I always start one, but I've never followed through. Hehehe. I lose steam after a few weeks. :p But this year, I vow to be more optimistic. Nothing good will ever come out from being negative. Besides, I don't want to have premature wrinkles. Bwahahaha!

Yep, last night's sadness was a fluke. I woke up feeling so much better. After all, I had mom's paella to look forward to. Heehee!

Mom's cooking is one of the reasons I can't stick to a diet. I just love my mom's cooking. I can only hope that I've inherited her flair for cooking. :) My brother used to tell mom not to cook anymore, so we'd lose some needed poundage. Nyahaha!

Happy 2005!