halo-halo uli :p

Monday, January 10, 2005

I've been trying to come up with a new template all weekend long. I've saved some templates from Blogskins, and I'm excited to use them, but it's taking me a long time to fix it up. I've given up for now. Hehehe... I realized I have more important things to do than scratch my head in frustration because I can't fix the darn template. One of these days I'll resume working on a new template, but for now, I'll have to be contented with what I have. :) Maarte lang talaga ako. Heehee!

I broke my favorite pair of shoes last week. I don't know if our shoe repairman could still fix it. I hope he can coz I really love those shoes. It makes me look taller and it forces me to walk properly. It's what I jokingly call my "killer shoes" coz it's so pointed, it could probably maim someone I'd kick, or if I step on them they'd have holes on their feet. Hehehe! Don't mess with a woman and her shoes, you're bound to get hurt.

I was at an ATM on E. Rodriguez, when my right heel got stuck between two pipes (why in heck are two pipes exposed there?!) , and I heard the heel break. It was a good thing no one was in line behind me, I would have been mortified if someone was in line. It was a classic mentos moment. Hahaha! I picked up the broken heel, and walked to the car with my right foot on tiptoes (para pantay ang lakad ko). Bwahahahaha! Parang tangerks.

This bit of news saddened me: Yahoo! News - Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Splitting Up

O diba? Affected ako. :p It was my sister who told me they just announced their break-up and I felt sad over the news because I thought they were perfect for each other. Sayang...

I've had too much on my mind lately, that it sometimes feel like I'm going to burst. I've never told anyone what has been bothering me and sometimes I wish I can tell someone, but I feel like I don't want them to be burdened by it. It's really not a big secret. I just find it hard to express my deepest worries to someone because I don't like feeling vulnerable. I know it's not healthy to keep it all inside and maybe one day, I'd be able to.

People think that I'm strong and I'm happy all the time, but I'm really not. It's just a facade. Underneath the smiles and the laughter, the jokes and the singing, is the scared, vulnerable me.

Maybe writing about it is a start. :)