Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I learned a new word today. VERBOMANIA, which means, morbid talkativeness.

Mwehehe! The word describes one of the patients we're with in Radiotherapy. Sure her perky attitude could be admired. After all. it's hard to stay positive if you have cancer. But she doesn't know when to stop talking - very loudly. And mostly, she sounds like a know-it-all. You know, the kind of person who says, "I know that", "I know him/her", or "I'm like this", all the time. It also disturbs me how condescending she sounds when the person she's talking to doesn't know one thing. Kulang na lang sabihin nya na, "ang tanga mo naman, di mo alam yan." Grrr!

I know it sounds callous of me to talk about her like this, but one has to be there to understand where I'm coming from. I just find it very inconsiderate of her to talk very loudly, when there are other patients who are in worse conditions than her, who value some peace and quiet when undergoing treatment. I know she's there even before I enter the room because I can hear her voice from the outside - with the doors closed.

I really wish she'd tone her voice down, coz I'm not the only one distracted and irritated. Okay na lang sana kung ako lang ang na-aasar, pero naaawa din ako sa ibang mga pasyente, lalo na dun sa mga lolo at lola na nandun. Someone already called her attention about it, but obviously, it didn't work. :p

The only consolation I have about it, is that mom's treatment will be over in 6 working days. Yay!!!

Simbang gabi starts tomorrow, which also means it's only 9 days away till Christmas. WOO-HOO!!


tin said...

I guess the girl you were referring to is trying to cover up her own fears by talking loudly. I know it's tough to bear but good thing your mom's gonna be out of the hospital soon!

Have a Merry Christmas, Jennie! Lots-a-hugs!

12.16.04 - 4:43 pm

Jennie said...

hi ti! siguro nga she's trying to do that, but she could tone her voice down, so as not to disturb the other patients. kawawa kasi yung ibang patients with us, kasi they're having chemo simultaneously, so they have IVs, and some are in gurneys. sana she'll realize that. but you're right, good thing patapos na treatment ni mommy :)

merry Christmas to you and your hubby! :) *HUGS*

jajey said...

nice word jennie!

musta na? long time na ah..

cant still feel na christmas na..haaay...

12.17.04 - 4:35 am

franz said...

maybe she's just trying to compensate her sickness thru being a know-it-all and loud. it's really annoying to be with someone like that. i wish u more patience =) hehehe.

12.17.04 - 3:14 pm

Ginn said...

*grins* hehe reminds me of someone at work hehe! sarap sapakin! haha! sarap sabihan ng OH SHUT UP BIYAATCH! hehehe! oops! *grows a halo* =P'


:-D Im happy for you and your mom especially ^_^ awww, shucks, I better shut up na hehe!

I love readin abt ur life n ur blogs, heart warming lagi n soo full of life ^_^

Ninang, namamasko po! hahaha!

12.17.04 - 8:18 pm

Jennie said...

jajey: hello! ang tagal mo nawala :) musta? okay naman ako.

hehehe... favorite word ko na yan ngayon. lol.

i hope you feel Christmassy already. :) happy weekend!

franz: thats what I'm thinking, too. pero sa kanya, parang over compensating. :p naku! more patience nga sana, salamat. lamuba? alam ko na biography nya, sa lakas ng boses nya. mweheheh!

Ginn: hey you! musta ka na? :D

hahaha! bad ko talaga, I was muttering that exact same thing while she was yakking away. lol


aww, thanks. :) *blush*

Ninang? sinong ninang? walang tao dito. lol