an unusual day

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I've never seen so many "usyuseros" in my life until yesterday.

Mom & I were are St. Luke's for mom's daily treatment session and the usual traffic along E. Rodriguez was much worse. There were too many people going to St. Luke's because former Presidential candidate & film actor Fernando Poe Jr (RIP+), was at the ICU.

All media outfits were there, policemen, lots of security people and throngs of fans. The fans can be classified into 2 groups: 1. the die-hard supporters of FPJ, who were in one corner praying, and 2. the people who were there to see the celebrities going to St. Luke's to visit FPJ. I couldn't help but shake my head at how some people mobbed some of the actors and actresses, who were in obvious and various stages of sadness. It was inconsiderate, to say the least. But I guess they couldn't help but get starstruck at how many big stars came to visit. It was just very bad timing.

The large number of "usyuseros" also made it quite inconvenient to the patients of the hospital. It was hard to get inside the hospital because a lot of people were blocking the way, and the security people had a really hard time in putting things into order. But when they did, everyone stayed where they were told to. Well, until the next big star arrived. :p

Hehehe.. nakakatawa pa yung mga tao (media & fans). Everytime a car arrives, they'd all be craning their necks and cameras would start panning to it. They were anticipating that a celebrity would emerge from the vehicles. I can imagine their disappointment when I got out of our car. Mwehehe! Sorry na lang sila, maganda ako pero hindi ako artista. Hahahaha! ANG KAPAL ko no?! Uy, joke lang yun, ah. :p

When we got to the radiation therapy room, I told mom I was gonna go upstairs. She teasingly said, "Bibisitahin mo si FPJ?" and I said, "No, I'm going to see which celebrities are in the 3rd Floor". Of course I was joking. :p I was going to the 4th floor to get mom's medical records for SSS purposes, which I was supposed to get last Friday. Although I admit that when the elevator doors opened at the 3rd floor, I looked around. Hehehe.

After mom's treatment and while waiting for our car at the lobby, I was teasing mom that we should keep smiling, coz we might be caught on camera. Wahaha! Feeling star! :p And yes, I admit, naghanap din ako ng artista, pero shempre pa-simple. LOL! The only one I saw up close was a very loud Anabelle Rama, waiting for the elevator.

I laughed when our car arrived coz for some reason, ever reliable driver Ricky was more alert. He was sitting up so straight and his eyes kept darting right to left. Nyahahah! Either naghahanap sha ng artista, or feeling nya makikita sha sa TV.

Ehrm.. it seems inappropriate that I'm laughing at my St. Luke's experience yesterday, when FPJ died this morning. I've never been a fan and I didn't vote for him last May, but they say he's helped so many people and has surely made countless happy because of his films. I feel for his family and friends who will be spending Christmas without him. And it's only a few days away. May he rest in peace.

♥, JeN

P.S. Showbiz post, noh? Feeling close :p


Jeanny said...

Hi Jennie. I do have the same comment regarding FPJ. I didn't vote for him but I admire his good things he had dont to other people. Kakalungkot din pla noh.

kat said...

In a weird sort of way, I would probably react as you did. I'll see the humor in the situation because first of all, it (FPJ tragedy) is not happening to me. Second, I'm not a fan, nor have I seen his movies (do trailers count?) and I was not really happy with his, er, participation last elections. Like most everyone, I sympatize with his family and friends for their loss, but it's not something that'll stop me in my tracks and get weepy or emotional.

12.14.04 - 5:08 pm

russ said...

hassle nga to other patients who are and who go to st. lukes. while watching tv yesterday, a reporter said that were some supporters who'd ask every celebrity to pose with him/her while all these emotional stuff is happening with fpj. some people talaga are always wrong timing... but may his soul rest in peace.

12.15.04 - 10:35 am

Jennie said...

jeanny: oo nga eh. i didn't expect that i'd feel that way din.

kat: hehehe... i dont think trailers count. LOL

12.15.04 - 10:40 am

russ: grabe talaga. i had to squeeze out a lot of people before we got to the hospital entrance, and it's only about 6 - 10 feet away from where we got out of our car. sobrang insensitive pa yung mga "uzi" coz they mobbed some celebrities who were obviously in grief. tsk, tsk..

12.15.04 - 10:46 am