one week to go :D

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Clare, eto na, new entry na :D

We just finished our "general cleaning", and I am exhausted. Actually, we're not finished with the whole house yet. We just finished for the day. Tomorrow, we will resume our "general cleaning". Haaaay... I'm going to clean my room. I think I need more than a day to do that. :p Let's hope I can also clean out my closet.

We changed the layout of the living room, that's why I'm exhausted. The side table and the center table have marble tops, and they were heavy. Good thing my brother was here to help. :) At least may katulong na tagabuhat. hihihi!

It's only now that I feel tired. While we were cleaning the house we didn't feel tired because we played our Christmas cds. We were singing along and it made the cleaning part enjoyable. We didn't even notice the time coz we were so into it. Time-tested na yun sa amin. Basta may music, hindi pumapasok sa isip yung pagod. :)

Finally, with exactly a week to go, the Christmas tree is up. Together with the Christmas decors we put up two weeks ago, the house has a very Christmassy feel to it.

Our company Christmas party will be held on Monday at El Cirkulo. It is also the birthday of our President, Mr. JMP, so obviously, it's a double celebration. :)

It's the third year in a row that we're holding the party at El Cirkulo, coz the Gamboas are friends of Mr. JMP. Hindi pa naman ako nagsasawa sa food ng El Cirkulo, in fact, I love their paella. But I hope next year, it will be held at another venue :p. It doesn't seem likely, though, but I'm stil hoping. :)

Sana manalo ako sa raffle. Mwehehe!

My friend A (yes, him :D) has been texting everyday and calling almost every night. La lang, masaya ako :D

♥, JeN


tin said...

Hey Jen. It's as if I'm watching a lovestory teleserye. Hihi. Kinikilig ako. It looks like you'll have an even more colorful Christmas!

12.20.04 - 10:57 am

clare said...

kakakilig rin naman kayo mare...actually mas kilig kayo kasi sigurado ako si A mo di sun cellular ang phone, hehehe!

12.20.04 - 11:14 am

dinah said...

wooshooooo...sino namang A yan ha!!! hekhek! see you sa 25th!!! sana may roastbeef!!!!!!!:D

12.20.04 - 4:13 pm

Jennie said...

TIN: mala-teleserye ba? lol. sana nga colorful ang Christmas ko, chaka shempre kayo din! :)

CLARE: mwehehe.. globe din sha eh, kaya walang problema sa signal. lol. and at least, if he doesn't text or call anymore, it's easier for me to "get the picture". :p

DINAH: si A? hehehe, sasabihin ko sa iyo yung name sa pasko. :) at chaka sure ako na may roast beef, kaya paghandaan mo na :p

12.20.04 - 8:21 pm