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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Sa wakas, naka-Christmas shopping na din kami! :D

My sister and I were at the Ayala Center by 10 am because we thought that by the time lunch time rolls in and the lunch crowd arrives, we'd be finished or at least 3/4ths done with our shopping. And we were right! :P Another reason we were there by time the mall opened was that we were still going to go to St. Luke's for mom's treatment.

We had to be done by 1:30 pm, so that we'd be able to meet mom's appointment. In order to do that, we had to be as organized as possible, so before we arrived at Glorietta, we had a list of the shops we wanted to go to and planned our shopping expedition. I tell you, that plan was one of the best we've come up with. We were done at 1:30 pm on the dot and we were at the office to pick mom up 20 minutes later. :D We would have been there in 5-10 minutes, if not for the traffic at around the mall, Ayala & Makati Avenues, Paseo de Roxas and parts of Valero and HV dela Costa. Haay... talagang magpa-Pasko na! Everywhere we go there was traffic (especially on our way home from St. Luke's).

Actually, we still have to do some shopping and we plan to do the same tomorrow. Hopefully after that, we'd be finished. YAY!!!!

Friendly tip: The good thing about arriving at the mall as soon as it opens is that there are no lines at the gift-wrapping sections. :D

Yesterday was our Christmas Party, which was held at El Cirkulo for the third year in a row. No complaints there, coz I love the food they served. Hehehe!

The Christmas Party wasn't as flashy as the previous years, but it was as entertaining. In fact, I think it was more hilarious that before. There were no production numbers but I enjoyed the games. Everyone was laughing out loud because the games were kinda naughty, but it was all in good fun. Kung hindi nga lang incriminating yung mga pictures, i-po-post ko dito. Mwahaha!

After the games, we serenaded our President, Mr. JMP, coz it was also his birthday. We sang happy birthday and some Christmas carols with modified lyrics, to the enjoyment of Mr. JMP & his family. Next was the awarding of prizes to the winning teams of the bowling tournament and the awards for years of service.

Our EVP Atty. RLA gave his Christmas message, which was very profound. He's always joking around so I thought he'd give a funny message, but I was pleasantly surprised that he was serious yesterday. Even Mr. JMP said so before he gave his own Christmas message.

The Christmas party was over in 3 hours, including the eating portion :p (it was longer before). but I enjoyed this one better than the last one. :)

Just in case I'm not able to go online in the next few days, because things are very busy around here, I'd like to greet everyone who visits my blog (at pinagtiya-tiyagaang basahin ang mga minsang walang kwentang posts ko :p) a very Merry Christmas to you and your families! Enjoy the holiday season and remember the true meaning behind it :D God Bless!

♥, Jennie

PS: My brother is also celebrating his birthday on Christmas Day. :) Happy 18th birthday, Toppet!


knickknacks said...

Merry Christmas to you too!!! :D

Jennie said...

thanks Carolina! :) happy holidays!

clare said...

merry christmas to you and your family too!

12.22.04 - 2:47 pm

kat said...

Ei, "cousin"! Merry Christmas!

12.23.04 - 3:03 pm

mud said...

merry christmas jennie!!! :)

12.23.04 - 3:53 pm

missP said...

hi jennie,

wishing you and the rest of the family a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and SUCCESS & GOOD HEALTH for the coming New YEAR!

makiki bati din ako ng hapi beerday sa brother mo, hohohohhooh!

12.23.04 - 9:32 pm

GINNEE said...

Ninang, yung gift ko? Dalaw ako mamaya! hehehe!


12.24.04 - 10:14 am

dinah said...

meri krismas!!! punta na kami dyan!!! mwahahahah!!! :D

12.25.04 - 6:10 pm

russ said...

jen merry christmas...
happy new year too!
i hope 2005 is a better year for all of us. take care!

12.27.04 - 12:19 pm

Jennie said...

Merry Christmas everyone :) and a prosperous New Year to all of us!

12.27.04 - 8:54 pm