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Sunday, December 05, 2004

I woke up with a smile today. Nevermind if I wasn't able to sleep until 3 am, or that I have a cold. I woke up when I heard my cellphone's texttone and I saw an unexpected name. It was A asking me how I was doing. Shucks! Apparently he's back in the country, after staying in New York for 8 months.

I was wide awake as soon as I read his message and I texted him back with this silly grin on my face. Nyahaha! Kinilig talaga ako. I felt like I was in High School all over again.

I met A when I was still working for the multinational firm I left 4 years ago. He worked for the firm occupying the floor below our floor and we'd always bump into each other at the lobby, in the elevators and the canteen on the 7th floor. We were smiling buddies first, then I found out we had a common friend when all three of us were in the same elevator. My thesismate for my Lia course (I took Lia-com in College), was his officemate and that was the start of our friendship. We'd have lunch together and he'd sometimes go up to our floor just to say hi.

When I left the firm, we didn't lose contact, but of course, we saw less of each other. The next thing I knew, he had a girlfriend already (who was a very jealous girl :p) and we kinda drifted apart. When they broke up our friendship was rekindled, he'd call the house late at night and we'd end up talking until 3 am (hehe... helps when the phone is just next to my bed :p). I don't know why I never told anyone, other than my best friend, about him. But I knew my brother was intrigued, coz sometimes he'd be the one to answer the phone, though he never said anything :P He jsut asked me once, who A was. I doubt if he remembers. Hahaha!

Early this year, he mentioned that he was going to New York, coz aside from his mom, his whole family is already there. He was going to go with his mom and he was thinking of settling in NY for good. I was sad, because I know I already felt something other than friendship for him. It started way back when I had a crush on him when we were "smiling buddies" at Citibank Tower, and I woke up one day knowing I like him a lot and I'd anticipate his phonecalls and I was giddy everytime I get a text message from him.

He left in April, my birthday month, but he didn't forget my birthday :)

I remember telling my friend that nanghihinayang ako that he left without me ever knowing if he felt the same about me, or that we didn't have the chance to know where that friendship will lead us. Now he's back and I'm happy. Not that I'm expecting we'd end up together - that's thinking too far into the future.

I'm just happy that he's back.

He called before lunch today and we talked for an hour, catching up on things. Which is partly the reason why I can't wipe the smile off my face today. It was good to hear his voice and his laugh again. And it was nice to know that even if he was in NY for 8 months, we were talking as if we talked just the day before.

♥ JeN

PS: I'll write about yesterday's Museo Pambata event and our nephew Keane's 1st birthday tomorrow. :) Kinikilig pa kasi ako about the phone call. Wahahahaha!


tiepee said...

eeeeek!!!! kilig nga!!!!!! :):):)

well i'm happy you're happy :):)

Jennie said...

tiepee: thank you! :D kilig pa din ako till now. hihihi! :):):)

kat said...

Now that he's back, is there a chance that... y'know? ^_^

120604 - 8:25 am

tin said...

yihee! i'm so excited for you!!!! keep us posted ha! *hugs*

120604 - 9:28 am

russ said...

more kilig moments for you jen :)
hehe. waking up with a smile plastered on your face is one of the best things in this world..

12.06.04 - 10:58 am

karla said...

naks.. kilig kilig ah.. sino si A? bwahaha :D
the buzz na itohhhhh :p

12.07.04 - 5:19 pm

franz said...

i'm so happy coz ur happy coz he's back!

good luck jen! :) lovelife na ito! :D

12.07.04 - 11:28 pm

jajey said...

sarap kiligin no?? :)

take care jennie!!

12.08.04 - 1:25 am

Jennie said...

kat: hehehe.. i don't want to think that too far ahead :p

tin: kilig din ako! :) hahaha!

russ: thanks! :) yeah, you're right.

karla: hahaha! pwede ka na pumalit kay kris, the buzz nga! :)

franz: mwehehehe! salamat! sana nga magkatotoo ang sinabi mo :p

jajey: sarap talaga! :) TC!

12.08.04 - 12:03 pm