from ms. couch potato

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Being the couch potato that I am, it's a big deal for me when I say that watching local tv shows are a waste of time nowadays. I'm not being un-nationalistic or even "pa-sosy" or "pa-cono". I'm just getting frustrated with the current crop of tv fare.

There is hardly any tv show that teaches good moral values, educational shows are a dime a dozen. All I see on local tv are sensational news, showbiz talk shows where all the celebrities' dirty laundry are being paraded for everyone to see (latest example: Rosanna Roces' bombshells). I do admit I watch my share of showbiz talk shows :p, but one reaches a saturation point.

Comedy shows are mostly slapstick or with toilet humor. In variety shows, everyone absolutely must dance even if they have two left feet, and sing even if they are tone deaf. There are telenovelas where every possible bad thing happens to the protagonist. It's very disappointing to realize that I can count on one hand the really good shows on local tv today.

Gone are the days where there are intelligent comedy shows, drama shows that aren't too melodramatic, game shows that are both entertaining and educational and variety shows that would make you sit up and admire real talent. I'm not saying that the actors and actresses today don't have talent, but that the shows today focus on being a Star, rather than being an artist.

I am glad though that the local music industry is thriving and the resurgence of great Pinoy music is inspiring.

I know the people in the entertainment industry are talented and creative, that's why it's frustrating to see mediocre shows. I know they can come up with something better, but the question is, will the majority like it? Seems to me that it all boils down to one thing: revenue. The time tested formulas in producing a hit show makes money, and producing a show veering away from it is a big risk.

I'm not part of the industry so I really don't have any right to second guess them. But I am part of the public who would greatly appreciate it if the shows I watch are the best. I hope one day there will also be a resurgence of tv shows worth watching, where I am entertained and good moral values are highlighted.


franz said...

mas target kasi nila yung masa which has the greatest %age ng phil. population. eto namang masa, pababaw ng pababaw ang kaligayahan..:P

12.13.04 - 10:01 am

Jennie said...

FRANZ: oo nga eh :)

have a good week!

12.13.04 - 12:12 pm

dinah said...

it's funny, kami ni fafaden, excited kami manood ng showbiz news pag weekends. ewan ko ba, feeling ko, sa sobrang pagod namin the whole week sa trabaho, kailangan namin ng amusement rather than entertainment. we get amused realizing these (supposedly) educated people, coming from prestigious universities, are the ones heading the whole circus of life! i think showbiz people are clowns, and the whole throve of circus animals. the way they play and play with their so called lives.

and we are the paying audience. yes, we pay to see their circus.

nakakatawa pa kamo, when i saw kris aquino praising and thanking osang dahil sya daw ang instrument how she (kris) was able to get out of a bad relationship (with ipe), i couldn't help but think: magkalevel talaga si kris at osang.

pero pinanonood ko sila.

12.13.04 - 5:30 pm

dinah said...

throve? anong throve? i meant DROVE, hehe.

12.13.04 - 5:34 pm

dinah said...

throve? anong throve? i meant DROVE, hehe.

12.13.04 - 5:34 pm

russ said...

amen to this post jennie. and nakakasakit na ng ulo si rosanna roces and lolit solis!
and we all have choice. if we feel that a lot of the programs that we see in our local channels are mostly crap, we have a choice not to watch them..

ps. i think you're one of the few people who got the rasta thing in my blog. hehe. take care jennie! have a wonderful week ahead.

12.13.04 - 8:12 pm

chi said...

maybe that's one reason why di ako nag-avail ng Filipino Channel kahit pwede naman.. :P

12.14.04 - 2:51 am

Jennie said...

dinah: hehe.. si fafa den nanonood ng the buzz? :lol: ayus!

ewan ko ba, feeling ko, sa sobrang pagod namin the whole week sa trabaho, kailangan namin ng amusement rather than entertainment. - tama! :p

hehe.. si kris? sobrang OA at papansin. she's so tactless, it's not even funny anymore. :p

russ: i've had enough of rosanna and lolit. :p

have a great week! :)

chi: hahaha! baka nga :p how are you na? :)

12.14.04 - 12:13 pm

chi said...

chi's fine... chi's going home to manila in a few more weeks.. chi's very excited. but chi's bored

12.14.04 - 11:51 pm

Jennie said...

chi: huwaw! you'll be here for the holidays? :D that's good! TC! :)

12.15.04 - 10:49 am