Christmas is in the air

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Last Sunday, we were finally able to decorate the house. Yay! At last, feeling Christmas na sa bahay. :) These are just some of the pictures I took tonight. It took me quite a long time to post it though, coz I wasn't used to using flickr. I think it turned out all right. :)

DSCP1 044This is one of mom's numerous cross-stitch projects. It's one of my favorites, along with the other angel posted above. If I'm not mistaken, this is the Angel of Grace and the blue one is the Angel of Hope. Hehehe... I would have asked mom, but she's already sleeping. I'll know for sure, tomorrow. :)

Sidenote: It takes a lot of patience to finish a project like this, and I admire mom for her patience. I think it took 3 months for mom to finish it, coz it's quite big and she cross-stitches only on weekends and before she goes to bed. I know I wouldn't be able to do something like that. The only cross-stitch project I did, aside from the ones in school, took me a couple of months to finish. And it's not even big. I think it's less than a foot. Hahaha! Tastas pa ako ng tastas, kasi labo mata ko, kaya naduduling ako.

Time flies really fast, it's only 16 days till Christmas and it's getting colder at night and at dawn. Hehehe... bed weather everyday. :D


jajey said...

wow naman..kami christmas tree lang decor namin dito sa bahay..hehe..

12.10.04 - 5:36 am

Jet said...

Wow!!! You really take your Christmas decorations seriously. Ganda!!!

This reminds me, I should call up my 'yaya' so the Christmas tree will at least be up when we arrive... hehe.

12.10.04 - 1:10 pm

tin said...

Good job, Jennie! I enjoyed looking at the pictures!

Have a fun weekend!

12.10.04 - 1:56 pm

Jennie said...

jajey: hehehe.. kami naman wala pang Christmas tree. LOL

Jet: Thanks :) idea ni mommy yun, ginawa namin ng sister ko.

haha! tama, para Christmassy talaga pagdating ninya.

tin: thanks! glad you enjoyed it :)

12.10.04 - 11:17 pm

clare said...

paskong pasko na a!!! di nga nagdecorate agad pero all out naman nung meron na! ;>

12.12.04 - 7:09 am

Jennie said...

clare: hehehe.. obvious na feel na feel namin ang Pasko

12.12.04 - 8:49 pm