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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Finally, I'm able to make a new post! :)

Nope, it's not because I was pre-occupied with you-know-who. Wishful thinking, sana nga yun yung dahilan. wahahahaha! I wasn't able to blog for the past few days because brother dear is finishing several projects - a feasibility study, a couple of reports - stuff I don't miss about school. :p

Being the "good" sister that I am (Ehem! Ehem!), of course I wouldn't bug him so I could use the computer to blog. My reward for not bugging him? I got to use his ipod for two days. Pretty fair trade-off, considering music is a constant in my life. :) I wonder how many hours of listening it would take for me to listen to all the songs in his ipod? Sakit siguro ng tenga ko pagkatapos. :p

Ay shucks! Kaines pa, my cellphone got disconnected tonight. Grrrrr! Shhhh.. Chie, quiet! di alam ni mommy :p I forgot to pay my bill last month and I had already planned on paying it tomorrow (coz it's the due date), but I guess, naninigurado sila na babayaran ko yun bukas, kaya ngayon pa lang dinis-connect na yung phone ko. ARGH!

As soon as I found out that I can only receive incoming calls and texts, I called Customer Service to complain (hehehe.. ako na yung nakalimot magbayad, ako pa yung nag-complain no? :p) Well, I did coz I didn't even receive a notice, and because I thought that I'd have to pay an extra charge for them to resume my cellphone services. Good thing I don't need to pay extra, coz if I have to, I'll probably switch to another cellphone company, and get the cellphone unit I want for free or for a lower price. But even if that's the case, I'm sure I'll still have second thoughts about switching, coz I've been a subscriber since they started (yup, mula nung free and unlimited ang text messaging nila). Ang labo ko ba? :p I've had no complaints, save for this one.

The girl I was able to talk to told me that they can resume cellphone services within the day of payment. Hopefully, tomorrow after lunch, my phone will be back to normal.

Friends, if I don't reply to your texts tomorrow, you know the reason why. :p So save your load, don't text me tomorrow. Hehehe!

I was going to blog about last Saturday's events (Keane's first birthday and the Museo Pambata outdoor concert, but I haven't gathered my thoughts yet. I keep deleting what I wrote, coz I'm not satisfied with it. Rather than waste my time and energy composing then deleting it, I decided to do it another day. :)

**update** as of 11:36 am, my cellphone is back to normal. :D


Jeanny said...

Hi Jennie. Kaines nga pag nacucut ang line ng cell di ba. Kaya ko I'll be paying din mamaya sa globe center baka maputulan din ako he, he hehe.
Nice to know na your back in blogging (prehas tayo). Matagal tagal na rin kasing wala akong update, now na lang ulet ako nag update.

have a nice day.

Jennie said...

Jeanny: woohoo! okay na phone ko, back to texting and calling na ako :p sus, namiss ko agad. hahahaha!

Honga, tagal mo ding walang update. welcome back sa atin :D

take care!

russ said...

hehe. hassle no when your line gets cut off without any notice. but globe's pretty fast when it comes to reconnection. so goodluck! they won't make you wait forever. :) take care jen!

12.09.04 - 3:33 pm

maine said...

hehe, pareho tayo, i have to ask conditions pa para di ko maistorbo brother ko pag gumagamit ng pc. hehe! sarap nga eh! hassle nga yun! hehe! tc jennie! :D merry xmas!

12.09.04 - 4:32 pm

franz said...

hahaha. i never missed those stuff to. ayoko nang balikan ang cramming moments ko dun. :P

anyways, good thing ok na uli cell mo. :)

take care sis! :)

12.09.04 - 11:02 pm

Jennie said...

russ: hay, hassle talaga, but you're right, they reconnected my phone about two hours after I paid my bill. :) buti na lang, or else, i'd have withdrawal symptoms again :p TC!

maine: o di ba? ang babait nating sisters. TC & merry Christmas, too!

franz: saya ko, okay na phone ko. :D tc, too!

12.09.04 - 11:18 pm