weekend update

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I've been trying to write for 3 days. :p I started a draft Sunday night and not a word has been added since then. I actually wanted to write about a lot of things, but I can't put them into words. All I have are drafts.

I have a notebook at home where I write down stuff I want to blog about. I have topics, outlines and some I've finished writing but I'm not in the mood to tranfer here yet. Nyahaha! Kakaiba. I don't know if that's eccentricity, being OC or just plain quirky. Hahaha!

I spent the weekend shopping, but I wasn't really able to buy a lot of stuff. Fiscal crisis remember? Hehehe... I haven't done my Christmas shopping yet, but my sister and I made plans to do so this week. Hopefully.

Saturday morning my brother had another derma appointment. Mom and I picked him up from school and proceeded to Cardinal Santos Medical Center. It was a good thing we were a bit early coz there was only one patient before us. His treatment was done after an hour and we decided to go to Market! Market! to have lunch. We thought Greenhills would have lots of people coz it's a Saturday, so we didn't go there even if it was closer to Cardinal Santos.

When we got to Market! Market! we were kinda surprised that there were lots of people there, too. The last time we were there, the crowd wasn't as big as it was last Saturday. I guess since it's newly opened, more people are curious about it, and they heard that the items were reasonably priced.

When we're there, we always eat at Aling Ineng's Barbeque. We like it so much we still went there even if there was a long line (and I mean loooooooong.) I think I was in line for about 30 minutes. But it was worth it. Next time I hope we eat at Trellis. I miss eating there. :D

After lunch we went inside the Market Mall to window shop. We weren't really planning to buy anything, our initial plan was just to have lunch there, then go home. We ended up buying an ipod for my brother. Gah! I wish my birthday was Christmas, too. Toppet didn't even have to be persistent. He just told mom he wanted it for his birthday/Christmas instead of a new cellphone (which they talked about weeks ago). There was a sale at Abenson and I thought we were just going to ask around, but we went home with an ipod. Saya noh? :p Only boy kasi eh, bunso pa. It's okay though, at least he let me borrow the ipod since he got it. Hehehe...

My sister and I spent Sunday at the mall. She had to have her eyeglasses replaced and we were also able to buy some necessities, as well as canvass for new phones. Bonding time na din, coz we haven't spent much time together lately.

It's funny how me and my sister's minds work sometimes. I swear my cattiness comes out when I'm with her, specially when we're people watching. I'll whisper something to her and she'd laugh and say she was thinking of the same thing. We have this thing where we just look at each other and we'd know what the other one was trying to say. Pag nagkatinginan na kami, tatawa na lang kami bigla kasi alam na namin kung ano yun. Basta, fun mag-people watching sa mall! :p

Aside from shopping, eating and people-watching, we were able to make business plans for next year. I hope it pushes through, coz I'm already excited. We gotta do our research :)

Compared to all the Sundays near Christmas we spent at the mall, there wasn't much of a crowd last Sunday. That's when I realized that this year is harder on the pockets, than last year. During the previous years, I could really feel the Christmas commercialism (:p) in the air. Last Sunday, I couldn't feel it. Sure there were decors all around, but it didn't feel like Christmas. Kinda sad, but as I wrote earlier, Christmas isn't about the material things, but about family and celebrating the birth of our Lord. Hopefully, even if things are kinda hard this year, we'd have a memorable Christmas. After all, it's still a few weeks away, we still have time to feel the season. :)



dinah said...

jen! hehe, lagot ka kay petots, ina-announce mo ang kanyang derma session, hehehe. happy to hear you and chie bonded over the weekend. miss ko na si chie, di na kami nagkikita.:(

howel! kitakits sa inyong bahay kubo sa pasko!!! nak, i am inviting myself to your haus. hehehe.

112404 - 9:28am

franz said...

ako rin, andami ko nang drafts. ung iba parang natatamad na ko ipost. kasi di ko na rin matuloy. :P

buti pa bro mo may ipod na.. :( sana mabili ko rin un sa xmas.. not for my bro but for myself.. hihi..

112404 - 10:40am

jajey said...

hi jennie...ganyan talaga, sisters kayo e..magkarugtong mga bituka nyo.eheh..

havent done my christmas shopping yet..not in the mood pa..

take care
112404 - 3:23pm

Jennie said...

dinah: nyahahaha! bukong-buko na talaga :p wag moko sumbong ah! :p

shempers, kita-kits sa pasko. :)bahay kubo videoke ulet. hihihi! pos pwede na maupo sa damuhan, malago na :D

franz: nadagdagan na naman draft ko :p

i hope you get your ipod for christmas. :)

jajey: honga, iisang dugo ang dumadaloy sa amin. huwaw! poetic tagalog ako ngayon :p

hanggang ngayon di pa din ako nakaka-Christmas shopping.

TC! :)