Friday, November 19, 2004

I'm back to my old self again. :D Can I just say being sick SUCKS? This is the first time since Saturday that I've felt better. No more headaches, no more fever, but only slight body malaise and fatigue. I'm not groggy with medication anymore and best of all, I can taste the food I'm eating. Woohoo! Oh, water still has an aftertaste. Weird.

It felt like I lost at least 5 pounds. Another WOOHOO! Nyahahahaha! Shux, dapat lang, noh. After feeling crappy for a week, losing much needed poundage is a good reward. But being able to taste the food, could also mean I could gain the pounds I lost. Darn it!

I'm still feeling a bit lazy, but I'm glad I closed a deal before 10 am today. Thanks to my cousin, Kuya Gani, my production had another increase. :D

Mom is also back to work. She has no fever anymore. See? Sabay talaga kami. Kakaiba. She was able to talk to the doctor yesterday and it gave us (her, more importantly) peace of mind. Dra. Uy said that 2-4 weeks of radiation therapy interruption would mean just an added day of treatment. St. Luke's Radiation Therapy staff also called yesterday and said that the replacement part that had to be imported will arrive on Monday. I'm hoping there will be no glitches in Customs so the part could be released immediately.

The weekend is off to a good start. :)

We're planning to decorate the house this weekend. Usually, we decorate for Christmas as early as the first weekend after All Saint's Day. We were supposed to put the tree up last Monday, coz it was a holiday. We didn't coz my brother wants to help (owwws? hehehe!), but he had to go somewhere, and mom & I were sick.

I can't wait for Christmas. It's my favorite time of the year. It's also my brother's birthday and our annual family reunion is held here at home. We always have a program hosted by our cousin, Lon. Kung sino mauuto, magpeperform, hahaha! There are games, usually headed by Tito Gerry and a raffle c/o Mommy and Tita Belle. Our house becomes happy chaotic, and I love it. I just don't like the cleaning up right after. Heehee! Who does anyway? :P

I've heard quite a number of people say that they don't feel like Christmas is near yet because of the rising costs and the fiscal problem (which Pres. GMA says is over, but I'm skeptical). But Christmas isn't about what you eat, your new clothes and other gadgets or what gifts you receive (although it's always great). Christmas is about the family. As long as we're together, it will be a great Christmas for me (but it would be even better if Mom cooks her roast beef or paella). :D


jajey said...

love christmas too! ang saya ng atmosphere nya.

di pa rn kami nakakapagdecorate dito samin e.. no time coz of work..pero excited na rin me magdecorate.

good that ur feeling alright now.

take care!

karla said...

great :) good to know that you and your mom are already feeling well. :)

ginn said...

ahuhuhuu! touching! *singhot singhot!*

russ said...

jennie :) i'm back dear. i want to say thank you for the encouraging words you said. i was able to read your mail, but wasn't able to reply. i've been depressed for quite some time and i've been busy with thesis. i think i'm better now. i just feel good reading people's blogs again. :)

Jennie said...

jajey: hehehe.. di pa din kami nakaka-decorate ng bahay :p

karla: thanks! :D

ginn: sabi na nga ba, softie ka eh. hahaha! :p

russ: good to have you back, dearie. :) you're welcome. I hope you're feeling much better.