last weekend of November

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Nyah! Weekend na naman. That was fast. I barely even remember what happened all week. :p Hoooo! it's also the last weekend of November. In just a few weeks, it'll be Christmas and then BOOM! it's already 2005. Ang bilis!

It's a holiday on Monday, actually it's supposed to be on Tuesday, but it was moved to Monday, so we'll have another 3-day weekend. Hopefully we'll be able to decorate the house this time. I want to be able to feel that Christmas is in the air already, and having the decorations certainly helps to make me feel that way. :) Actually, the Santa Claus chime was never taken down, as well as the garland with the grape lights on the front door, so we could claim that it was Christmas all year round at our house. Heehee!

Have I mentioned that Christmas is my favorite season? Oh yeah, I have. Countless times. :p

I've been feeling quite relieved since mom and I went to St. Luke last Thursday. We were able to talk to her doctors about mom having fever on and off. I'm still worried, but I've had peace of mind (and more importantly, I think mom has, too.) The linear accelerator will be operational on Monday (keeping my fingers, toes, legs :p, eyes and whatever else could be crossed, crossed), and I'm so glad that mom's radiation treatment would resume on Tuesday. The sooner it's resumed, the better.

The results of mom's blood work were good and that makes me ecstatic. Dra. Gorospe also gave mom a prescription to induce her appetite. It's quite expensive at almost 300 bucks a tablet, but it's very effective. Since mom took it she's had a good appetite and has even been craving food. :)

I, however, have had disturbing dreams lately. Sometimes I don't want to sleep for fear that I'll have it again. I don't want to wake up bawling my eyes out, and having difficulty breathing because the dreams hurt. The worries I've kept at the back of my mind were visualized in my dreams. It felt so real that I wake up crying. I hate those kinds of dreams, but heck, who likes bad dreams anyway?

Why can't I have exciting dreams? Dang it! I'd settle for a corny dream, just don't let me have the disturbing ones I've had lately. I wish I could somehow dictate what I would dream about. Speaking of which, I saw a feature in the news a couple of weeks back, about this dream machine that's the biggest thing in Japan nowadays. It's a small machine that you place by your bedside, and you press a button and say what you want to dream about, before going to sleep. You can be as specific as you want. When you've reached REM, the machine will play back what you said, and the manufacturers say that this would induce your dreams. Cool, huh?

I wonder if it works and if it will be sold here. :p I'll probably get one if it reaches our shores. But I hope it won't be expensive coz I won't get it if it is. I have to be smart with my purchases, no more luho, as much as possible. Times are hard and I gotta think of my future. Naks, ako ba nagsulat non? Parang hindi, ah! Hahaha!

Happy weekend, everyone!


PS: Did anyone watch the Bench Understatement show on Studio 23 last night? Ayayay! That's all I could say. Nyahahahaha!


jajey said...

lol! gusto ko rin magkaron ng magagandang dreams..baket kasi wala...

musta na?

clare said...

napanood ko mare......

kung di lang ako sabog that night siguro mas naenjoy ko pero ok na rin!

grabe, i have a crush on this young kid on GMA...he was there shirtless and in jeans...super sexy! parang di 17! tadpoling!!!!

112904 - 12:58am

Jennie said...

jajey: sana wala na lang bad dreams :)

clare: hehehe.. na-speechless ako kay wendell ramos eh. na-shock yata ako sa nakita ko. bwahahahaha! actually, the show was done tastefully, save for two "models" who modeled kinda malaswa.

aba! tadpoling nga :p sino yung 17 yr. old na yun? i have a guess but I might be wrong. mulawin ba? hahahaha!

112904 - 3:57 pm