i hate this day

Monday, November 29, 2004

I hate this day!

This is one of those days I'd rather erase from my memory. Everything I do seems to turn out wrong and whatever I say is taken not as I intended it should. Kaka-bad trip talaga! Even the gloomy weather is commiserating with me.

I'm not being a drama queen, but this this day just doesn't seem to end. I don't know what to do anymore. My eyes are already puffy from all the crying I've done and I've been biting my tongue so I wouldn't blurt out anything that could be taken the wrong way.

To top it off, I was talking to a male friend on YM, and as I said bye, I mistakenly sent him a Chinese audible of a girl with a heart. Dang it! I was so embarrassed, I disconnected right away. Granted it was in Chinese, and he can't understand Chinese, but the flying heart and the fluttering eyes will surely give me away. ARGH!!!!

Haaaaay....... matapos na sana ang araw na ito.


TIEPEE said...

aww im sure it wasnt THAT bad :)things'll be better tomorrow, i bet :) you take it easy and enjoy the BED weather! hehe :)

112904 - 8:57 pm

franz said...

yup..u'll be over it asap.. kaw pa.

ako rin, i'm feeling down.. di lng ngyn pero maraming araw na.. pero alam ko mawawala rin to.


113004 - 10:47 pm

Jennie said...

Tiepee: it WAS pretty bad, but you're right, it's better now

hay.. sarap ng bed weather :D

franz: thank you :)

i hope ikaw din, feeling better na. :) TC!