a better day :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

This day was considerably better than the one I had yesterday. Big YAY! for me :) It wasn't the best day ever, but it has significantly improved, as compared to yesterday.

As I write this, though, it looks as if it's about to turn a bit unpleasant. Hehehe. I gotta turn the volume up. I need music to drive the bad vibes away.

Anyway, the linear accelerator has finally been fixed and mom was able to resume her radiation treatment. Hallelujah! Another week of non-treatment and heads will certainly roll. I've actually thought about suing the hospital & the radiation staff for malpractice and emotional distress, if it has gone longer. Long periods of non-treatment is very risky. They should know that. The least they could do was refer us to another hospital (never mind if there was going to be another planning session and simulation), or they could have used the other machine. Their reason for not using the other one was it would take a long time to configure it. Hello?! What's more important, the time it takes to configure the machine or the life of their patient? It's a no-brainer, really.

I can understand that it took a while to get it fixed coz the parts needed to be imported, and it took them 2 days to have the part released by Customs (hay.. Customs talaga!). But for sure, they should have had alternative treatments for situations like this.

When we went there last week for mom's check-up with her primary oncologist and to complain about the long period of non treatment, it was good that they were apologetic about the situation and they at least reassured us that they were doing everything they could to have it fixed ASAP. If they weren't, the biatch in me would have probably reared it's ugly head. Hehehe, wawa naman sila, if ever nangyari yun. :p

Oh well, mejo matagal yata yung pag-rant ko. :p I should be thankful that the treatment is on again. And I am. Feel ko lang dumada. Hahahaha!

After the treatment, mom, my sister (she didn't go to work today coz she went to work yesterday - wise, noh? double pay kasi kahapon dahil holiday - Chie, joke lang!) and I went to DV (heehee! Divisoria po, mas cute lang pakinggan kung DV, diba? :p). We bought Christmas decorations there, coz it was at least 50% cheaper than the ones we buy at the big malls. The decors were exactly the same, but it was cheaper at DV, and we can make tawad. (wahaha! make tawad - Kris na Kris ang dating, ah! :p)

There were many people but it wasn't as crowded as it was the same time last year, when we bought beads and crystals for bracelets. Last year, we could hardly walk inside DV Mall, coz it was packed. As in, kailangan magaling ka magbalya ng tao para makalakad ka. This afternoon though, we could walk comfortably, which was great. It wasn't tiring and we weren't drenched in sweat by the time we finished. :D

Ay! I'm excited to decorate the house na.

Wow! Can you believe it? It'll be December tomorrow. 24 days to go and it's Christmas. Woohoo!


Jet said...

Glad to hear you had a better day yesterday. I read your previous post. Oo nga, kakainis mga araw na ganun. Ako, when I have days like that, whatever inanimate object gets in my way gets my wrath... hehehe! Sila minumura ko, sila sinisipa ko... most of the time naman ako nasasaktan... hahaha!

Hey, is that the same hospital where fafa Jay had his operation? Wow, I'm surprised they could be so unprofessional. And you're right, you know... the patient has to be first concern, not the equipment or whatever red tape there is. And to think they'd even give you that reason, that it would take too long to configure the equipment? My God, didn't they know they were frying themselves in their own fat? Kung naiba nga yan, baka dinemanda na sila. *ngitngit!*

120104 - 12:01 pm

russ said...

glad to read about this better day post :) haay. im inggit, i still cant "feel" christmas. maybe after my defense... have a great week jennie!

120104 - 1:16 pm

jajey said...

same here russ.. cant feel the christmas spirit yet...

jennie! good to hear that ur feeling sunny now..

take care!
120204 - 4:13 am

Jennie said...

Jet: Thanks. Hahaha! ako din minsan yung mga gamit ko ang pinagdidiskitahan ko. Yung pillow sinusuntok ko :p

Yup, it's the same hospital where Fafah Jay had his operation. I, too, was surprised, coz it's one of the premier hospitals in the country. Maybe it was because the part took a long time to arrive here. BUt still, they should have had alternatives. I'm jsut glad the treatment is on-going now.

Russ: i'm starting to feel Christmas, but im not as excited as I was, same time last year. Dunno why.

God bless on your defense. I hope you get the really mabait panelists. TC!

jajey: thank you! naku, kelangan na natin i-feel ang Christmasa, para masaya ang mundo natin :D

missP said...

hi jen,

something similar happened to my uncle some years back...i personally think that long period of non-treatment caused for his health to go down drastically. of course, after he had the treatment again, he got much better, but not the same as he was before he missed his treatments.

anyway, feel ko rin mag shop sa DV. actually, i try not to miss going there evrytime i come home.it's not just because you get a good bargain but also it's fun to make tawad nga...

dito sa amin, depression mode ang mga tao, although holiday season na nga...siguro dahil lang sa weather,

120304 - 7:26 am

Jennie said...

hello missP! naku, lam mo, yan din yung kinakatakot ko eh. but aside from fatigue after each treatment, okay naman si mommy, thank God.

Nakaka-aliw yung pag tumawad ka, tapos nakuha mo yung gusto mong price, di ba? :D

siguro nga dahil winter na jan. sana mawala na ang mga depression mode. masaya dapat ang pasko