ang labo ko talaga

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Yup, malabo ako, minsan. O sige na nga, mas madalas sa minsan, pero hindi lagi. Hahahahah! Talagang kailangan i-justify.

I decided to bring back the Haloscan comment box. La lang. Feel ko lang ibalik. Labo talaga. I blame this ficklemindedness to my not having fully recovered from the flu virus. My brain is still addled. :p

Ay! I almost forgot!

Happy Birthday, Daddy! :D

It's been almost two weeks since mom's last radiation therapy session. The machine is still being fixed and I am getting worried. They assured us that it was okay, but until I hear it from the doctor, I won't stop worrying. The thing is, mom's radiation oncologist is still abroad. He'll be back tomorrow. I want to hear good news from him!

It's so frustrating coz I can't do anything about the situation. I can't very well tell the radiation therapy staff to hurry it up, when the parts for replacement had to be imported. Ugh! If I could get it myself, I would. But what could I do? Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Wala.

Nothing but whine, in the comfort of my own room of course. I wouldn't want mom to hear me rant and whine, coz I know she'll only get worked up.

I hope and pray that the freaking linear accelerator would get fixed this week. If not, someone's head will be bitten off.

I didn't realize that I get sick everytime mom does, until she mentioned it this morning. She has observed that whenever she has fever, I follow suit, as if to suck the fever out of her (her words, not mine :p) I wonder if there is such a thing as Sympathetic Sickness (kinda like sypathetic pregnancy). I gotta research on that.

Anyhoo, that'll be all for today. I'm getting dizzy already. Will bloghop soon.



Jajey said...

jennie! hmmm..what's wrong with your mom? if its ok to ask.

cheer up! everything will be alright.


oh, and happy birthday to your dad!!


Jennie said...

jajey: my mom has breast ca, and she has 28 days of radiation therapy.

thanks for greeting dad and for cheering me up :) oks na, smiling na. :D

kat said...

I actually wanted to ask you how you added the Haloscan in the same row as the blogger comments but I couln't find it, hehe.

Hope your mom's doing ok.

GINNEE said...

im confused with the entry pero cge ok lang cguro windang lang ako ngyon.. @_@

I missed reading your blogs, i like the way you write things, not unlike saken.. walang sense most of the time rants lang.. ngyek! hay *dolalay*

UYYY!!! What did you get ur dad? :-D

umm.. I dont know anything abt hospitals n shizzats but... di ba pde sa ibang hospital gawin yung therapy kung sira yung machine thing??? (malamang hinde kundi nagpunta na kayo... 0_0 ngyek! ano ba yan! hilohilo pa ko sinagot ko yung tanong ko!)

EWW MANNN!! The entry abt recycling food from the trash is disgoosteeenn!! EEWWWW!!!



Jennie said...

kat: I just pasted the haloscan script before the blogger comment html tag.

thanks, mom is doing better.

ginnee: hehehe.. haba ng comment mo :p hahabaan ko din siguro nga windang ka. or pareho tayo. Hahahaha!

uy, salamat. but you do make lots of sense naiintindihan kita eh. hehe.

what i got dad? wala pa. bad no? :p ang hirap nya hanapan ng gift.

actually, pwede sa ibang hospital but that would mean another planning session, coordination with the other hospital about the treatment already done, etc. etc. basta, mejo magulo, besides, mom's doctors are all at st. luke's now.

thanks, i'm feeling so much better

advanced merry christmas, too! EHEM! NINANG?! hahahahaha!