Thursday, October 07, 2004

This is where I get my weekly fix of Hollywood gossip: Ted Casablanca's The Awful Truth. I even subscribed to it so that I never miss an issue. Heehee! He can be catty sometimes, but his comments are bitchy in a funny way. Ted Casablanca just brings out the gossipmonger in me. Wahahahahaha!

I learned from a friend that Usher will be the next international superstar to have a concert here in Manila. Woohoo!!! He'll be here sometime in November. I visited his website last week, but the tour schedule there was only until the end of October, the next dates to be announced soon.

I bought his Confessions cd yesterday. When I showed it to my sister she said someone burned her the same cd. Ngek! I didn't know that she had a copy, but it was all right, buying it was worth it. :)

I was supposed to buy The Diary of Alicia Keys (to console myself coz I won't be able to watch her concert this Saturday), but it was out of stock. Gah! Asar. I'll just have to play the mp3s I've downloaded over and over. hehehe...

I was, however, able to buy Outside Looking In: The Best of Gin Blossoms. Yaaaay! Finally, I got my own copy.

I have to fix my schedule (nyarks! kala mo naman celebrity, hahaha!), coz I want to join my barkada on the 16th. Elaine is flying in from California, and we're having a get together in Tagaytay. I'm not sure if that would be a wedding shower (hehe, mejo out of the loop ako nowadays). Basta, I want to see the poste peeps again. I think the last time I saw them all was at Ria's & Wacky's wedding, when we were all bride's maids. Tagal na nun! Plus, I heard one of my closest friends in high school, Marvi, is going to be there. And I hadn't seen her since High School graduation! I'm so excited to see them. Even if we text, call, email, read each other's blogs (uy, update na kayo!), nothing still beats seeing each other. So, I hope to see you guys on the 16th!! ;D

Speaking of High School, Tabby texted last week and said our HS Reunion would push through on the 29th of this month. It was supposed to be held last year, in time for our 10th year (Gosh! has it been THAT long?!), but it had to be postponed coz of some glitches. I'm not sure if I'm going. I'm just not excited. Sure it would be nice to see everyone (okay, not everyone :p), but I bump into my batchmates everywhere. And frankly, I think most of the people who are going to be there, will be the people I'm not inclined to see. Wahahaha! Salbahe.

Clare, are you going?


Ri said...

Elaine is flying in from California, and we're having a get together in Tagaytay. I'm not sure if that would be a wedding showerDo you mean Elaine Bebang? :) If it is then I do think it's a wedding shower thingy. Teehee. Let me know when she's in town, I'm hoping to catch up with her too. Her husband-to-be is a very good friend of mine.

PS About Usher's CD... that's good. I always thought you should buy original CDs that are really worth it. I even had some sent from the US.

PPS I miss Ted Casablanca's Awful Truth! I don't have time to read it anymore (although I still get the weekly newsletter). :(

Jennie said...

yep, ri, it's bebang :) i dunno what day she's arriving, but we're meeting up on the 16th. there's also a dinner at your bespren j's house on the 18th, maybe you can join us? that would be sooo nice. :D

ps: i love usher's cd! :D worth it talaga. i don't buy cds agad when they come out. i wait for several hits first, and the special edition cds. Asar kasi if I buy agad, then a few weeks after a special edition cd comes out :p

pps: on thursdays, that email is one of first i open. nyahahahahaa!