Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Yahoo! News - "Superman" Christopher Reeve Dies

My childhood hero died last Sunday. :(

Since I was a kid, I have always loved Superman. And there was only one Superman for me - Christopher Reeve. It didn't matter that there were Supermans before him, for me he was the only one.

I have lost count how many times I've watched Superman: The Movie & Superman 2 (my favorite). I, however, thought Superman 3 & 4 were corny.

When Christopher Reeve was paralyzed after a horseback riding accident in 1995 and he survived against all odds, I thought that he was a real life Superman.

Basta, favorite ko sha.

Goodbye Superman, Godspeed.

Here's a tribute to Chris Reeve, written by a fan.

I didn't know Rio Diaz Cojuangco personally, but I was saddened by her death. She served as me and my mom's inspirations, because of her faith in the Lord, even when she was diagnosed with cancer. We could relate to her situation and her triumphs and setbacks became ours.

Her death is a mixture of happiness and sadness. Happiness because she's at peace with the Lord now, and she's not in pain anymore. Sadness because she's gone.

I wish her family well.


Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with you with the entry about Ma'am Rio Diaz- Cojuangco. I've been surfing the net, searching for wharever I could find about her and I've found in the past week that indeed, she had inspired many people. In my case, her story gave me the inspiration to be strong for a friend of mine, who has leukemia.

A few days back I finally got in contact with two of her relatives, her brother and her sister. They were hard to track down, but I tried my best to find them so I can send my condolences and let them know what I think and how I feel about their situation. Just today I sent something, telling them that I am praying for them because the night after the funeral, when all the guests are gone and all the fuss is over, is the start of a series of tough days because that's when the realization really takes its toll. I hope you tell people to pray for them too, especially her husband. It will be an extremely difficult time for him.

Just thought I'd leave a comment. I wish you and your mom well.

Good morning. (1:45am)

de Villa said...

Yeah I think Chrisopher Reeves was the best person to have donned the costume of Superman. He had the looks, the physiques and charms onscreen.

I thought Superman 4 was good until I saw it again a few months ago, and I have to agree it was corny ;)

Anyway thanks again for visiting my blog

Jennie said...

Anonymous: i think the reason her family took her death better than most people would is because of 4 things: 1. they were ready for it, 2. they took it one day at a time, 3. they were glad she isn't suffering anymore and most importantly, #4, they know that she is happy by the Lord's side.

thank you fvery much for wishing us well, too. :)

de Villa: there may be other supermans before and after him, but to me eh'll always be THE superman. :)

i haven't seen superman 4 in years, i'll have to see it again to know if my opinion of it will change. :D