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Monday, October 04, 2004

I thought long and hard before deciding to post this here. But I am scared. Really scared. I have a nagging suspicion that I might have something that could lead to endometriosis, or that i already have it.

I still haven't thought about how to describe it without giving out too much icky information. Suffice to say that it's a girl thing. Whatever. Bottomline is I'm terrified. It's just one of the things I hate about being a member of the female species. I mean I love being a woman, but there are stuff that makes me wish sometimes that I am not one.

I still haven't gone to the gyno coz I'm scared that my suspicion would be confirmed, but I know I need to go, if only for my peace of mind. I didn't wanna tell mom about it coz 1. I don't want to add to her worries, and 2. she'd drag me to the gyno, for sure :p But I did tell her the other night, coz she kept wondering why I have fever every month.

I remember my cousin had something like this and her gyno said one of the "cures" is for her to get pregnant, which prompted my friend Ellen to say that I "should engage in hanky-panky". Nyahahahaha! I have no idea how it could be a cure for endometriosis. I'll have to ask the gyno about it when I do see her. On the other hand, when said cousin got married and got pregnant, she didn't have it anymore, so maybe there IS a connection. Kakaiba.


knickknacks said...

Have you been in a lot of pain lately? Don't be afraid -it's better to have it checked out by a gynae. I'm sure you will be fine! :)

Balbonics said...

Run to Healthy Options and get yourself some Flaxseed Oil and Evening Primrose Oil capsules. RUN!!!

Jennie said...

Carolina: not really painful, just some mild discomfort. yup, i'm going to the doctor tomorrow :)

bunny: thank you! i'm gonna run na :)

de Villa said...

Get pregnant?

Is that the many remedies that 'witch' doctors prescribe to a problem. Might as well add in a few leeches for good measure.

Go to a reputable doc in my opinion, and good luck!

Jennie said...

i thought the get pregnant cure was just an old wives tale but it turns out to be true. :p

it has been observed that pregnancy causes the regression of endometriosis. that's why doctors prescribe oral contraceptives containing estrogen and progesterone, to induce "Pseudopregnancy" (or the state resembling pregnancy).

it hasn't been confirmed yet that i have it, i need more tests for that, but it is very likely that i will be given pills to regulate it.

thanks for the concern :D