channel surfing

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Yes, I love my tv. :) My day isn't complete if I don't watch tv. :p And I think having a tv in my room is one of the reasons why I sleep late. I have this habit of turning it on before going to bed, and when a good show is on, I watch it. :p

These were some of the shows I watched over the weekend:

1. The Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix: I stayed up until 3 am to watch the live coverage of the last race of the season. JP Montoya won (booo!! I don't like him, he's a very arrogant driver), Kimi Raikkonen was 2nd (sayang, he was just 1.6 secs behind) and Rubens Barrichello was 3rd on his home race. Testings shall be done during the winter break and the new season shall start in March 2005, with the Australian GP in Albert Park, Melbourne.

2. World Series: I'm not a baseball fan, but the Boston Red Sox have been playing awesome games and I was intrigued if they could break the "82 year old curse". When I read that they had a come from behind win against the Yankees, I wanted to watch their next games and I was able to catch Game 2 against the St. Louis Cardinals. I was amazed at Schilling, the pitcher. He was playing with an injured ankle (which they said could only be healed by undergoing surgery), but it was as if he wasn't injured. He was all heart. It was a good game, but I'm still not a die-hard baseball fan ;)

3. Oprah Primetime: The stars of Ladder 49, John Travolta, Joaquin Phoenix and Jacinda (oh, no! I forgot her surname :p) were there to promote the movie and to give tribute to heroes. It was a touching episode and I'm not ashamed to say that I shed some tears, particularly when I saw John Travolta crying unabashedly, when two heroic firefighters were given medals of courage by the firefighter they saved. I also cried when they paid tribute to Mattie Stepanek, the courageous poet and author of the Heartsongs books, who had a rare form of muscular dystrophy and passed away at the age of 14 last summer. My lachrymal glands were on overdrive. Mattie's mom spoke about the last moments of Mattie and I think only a person without a heart wouldn't feel choked up and cry, after hearing that.

4. Superfriends: Last night before we had dinner, I was in my room channel surfing and I saw my favorite show when I was a kid on the Cartoon Network. It was an episode of the Superfriends and the original Justice League! Hahaha! I remember when I was about 5, I loved the Saturday morning cartoons on Channel 9, coz it had the Superfriends, Captain Caveman, Astroboy and the Hannah-Barbera cartoons. It was fun to watch this episode coz Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, Hawkman, Aquaman, Green lantern, the Indian who'd turn into a giant (ack! what's his name? Colossus? ewan :p), and even the Wondertwins and their annoying space monkey were there. What was the name of that monkey? Gleep? Bleep? Nyahaha! I'm sure only the people my age could relate to this.

buh-bye Chie!

My sister is going to Bacolod tomorrow for work. She'll be gone for 4 days. Hay, sarap! Chay, pasalubong namin, ha? Uwian mo ako ng Ilonggo. Bwahahaha! Ingats!