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Friday, October 15, 2004

This week has been relatively busy, with 2 trips to St. Luke's for mom's consult with Dr. Ramos, last quarter insurance renewals and computation of profit commissions (wowee! :D). I missed two dinners with the Poste peeps, one at Rockwell last Wednesday and last night at Jennyso"s house. But that's okay, I'll see them tomorrow.

Yay! Excited na ako. It's been a while since I've seen them. Sigurado ako, sa car pa lang, non-stop na yung conversations.

My college friend, Yeye, texted me yesterday. She was inviting me to our friends, Jeff & Caryl's post birthday celebrations at her house. It would also serve as a reunion of sorts for our DLSU College Block. LC30. I wanted to go, coz it would be great to see them again. I started texting our other blockmates and even posted the invite on the friendster bulletin board. There's only one problem: the party/reunion will be held tomorrow. Yup, the same day I'll be seeing my high school friends for Elaine's wedding shower. ARGH! Kaines. What are the chances of having two reunions on the same day? Hehehe.. in demand ako (kapal :p)

When I realized that it would be on the same day, I immediately texted Yeye that I couldn't make it, due to a previous engagement. There will be other opportunities to see my college buds, especially since Anna will fly in from Washington D.C. next month.

I was about to sleep last night but I felt I had to turn my tv on. Bad idea, coz "Jerry Maguire" was on one of the Japanese cable channels and I ended up sleeping past 2 am again. Jonathan Lipnicki was soooo cute and Tom Cruise was simply divine. Grabeh! I fell in love with Tom Cruise all over again and I forgot Colin Farrell & Michael Vartan ever existed. Bwahahahaha!

It's been so long since I've seen that movie, and last night I realized how cheesy the dialogues were. I mean c'mon... "You had me at hello." and "You complete me.". Baduy, diba? Pero kinilig pa din ako. Wahahaha!