back to blogging :D

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I didn't know when I posted the previous entry earlier that I would be able to blog tonight. YaY! Finally after days of trying to blog, I have time tonight. :)

Today was mom's 4th radiation therapy session. Every afternoon for 28 weekdays, mom and I will be at St. Luke's. The sessions last for less than a minute, but because of the adjustment settings, mom is in the linear accelerator for about 15 minutes.

As usual, it's the waiting that bugs me. Patience really isn't my virtue. hehehe... That's why I always bring a book with me, so I won't get bored. I finished 2 books already and I'm halfway done with the book I brought today. I won't read it tonight coz at the rate I'm going, I'll probably finish all the books I have at home that I haven't read yet in just two weeks. :p

Radiation Therapy is standard procedure now after chemotherapy. Specialists say that the chances of remission are increased after both procedures. Just a few years ago, it wasn't like this, and I am glad that through continuous research, the medical profession has many options now. And it's great that this treatment doesn't have the same side effects as that of chemo. This one is relatively easier. The only side effect I notice is fatigue right after the treatment, but it's alright coz after the treatment, we drive home and mom could rest. I hope and pray that the treatment will be successful.

cellphone canvassing

Last Saturday, mom and I accompanied my brother to his derma appointment at Cardinal Santos. Hehehe... even if he's turning 18 this Christmas, sometimes he's still like a kid. He didn't want to go to the derma alone. :p We picked him up after his Saturday classes and after his treatment we went to greenhills to eat. We ate at italliani's (hay.. sumuko kami pareho, ang laki talaga ng servings, pero ang sarap :D - obvious ba na favorite ko italianni's :p)

We decided to canvass for new cellphones (para mawala ang busog namin). After going to each stall, I've decided on what to buy. I want a sony ericsson k700i! I'll have to wait until after Christmas to get it. My patience will be tested once again, but I think it will be worth it. Hehehe!

I almost didn't want to let go when we went to The Hub. Nyahahaha! The whole time we were there, I kept going back to the unit sample that when I do get it, I wouldn't need the manual to know how each feature works.

I also looked at the other phone models, like the nokia7610, the samsung e800 slide phone, sony ericsson k500i (which has almost the same features as the k700i, but it has a smaller memory and has no bluetooth), and the P910. I wanted the P910, but I am not going to shell out P42,000 for it. It's nice to look at and the features are great, but it's still too much. It's still k700i for me. :D