the value of education

Thursday, September 09, 2004

After three days of sleeping early, I was back to normal last night. I thought I've already taught my internal bodyclock to sleep at 11:30 pm, but last night (or should I say this morning?) I backslid. It was almost 1 am and I was still wide awake, so I turned my television on, hoping to make my eyes tired enough to sleep (yeah, I know that's bad, but I was running out of options :p).

While flipping channels, I was intrigued about by the new show on ABSCBN, "Y Speak". It's debate show for the youth hosted by Karen Davila, Ryan Agoncillo and Bianca Gonzales. I didn't catch the first part of the show, so I'm not sure about the exact topic, but from what I could gather, it was something like this: "What would you choose, have a good education or be in showbusiness?" If I got it wrong, please feel free to correct me. :)

On the side of education were Star Circle grand quester Hero Angeles, Tuesday Vargas (who was in a ballgown, complete with tiara, hehehe), teen star Anjelene (sorry, I don't know her last name) and Arnel Ignacio (to give the parents in showbiz's point of view). On the other side were Aisa Marquez, MTB Idol Ahron, Hotbabe Ella V, and brace yourselves, Mystica (Arnel's counterpart).

Senator Mar Roxas, Bernadette Sembrano & Fr. Tito Caluag were also there to give the adult's perspective.

The debate started pretty tame, with both sides giving credible points/arguments. Those who stopped going to school said they were forced to stop because they couldn't afford it and they would rather work to help their families. Valid reasons but it doesn't make it right. I can't blame them though because their situation forced them to. The artistas who chose to continue their education, even if they're already in showbiz, said it is important, for them to have something to fall back on when they're no longer famous.

The debate started to really heat up when Mystica joined the discussion. I couldn't find logic in her arguments, the kind that would make you say to yourself, "WTF did she just say?!" I pretty much disagreed with all her points, but I must say, her presence made the debate livelier. There's just something about her that would make a sane person insane and want to wring her neck :p

And I'm sorry to say this, but when I heard her arguments I thought, "no wonder her son ended up like that." She's a parent, she should be the one to guide her son to the right direction, but she said her son didn't want to go to school so she just let him. "Bahala ka sa buhay mo, take responsibility for you actions. Pag hindi maganda ang future mo, kasalanan mo yon." That was what she said to her son. Which prompted Hero to say. "Kayo lang ang magulang na narinig ko na magsalita ng ganyan. Kung kayo ang ina ko, magagalit din ako sa inyo." Whoa...

Frankly, I was impressed by Hero. He's a smart one. He has a good head on his shoulders and he's also man enough to apologize to Mystica, when his remarks made her cry. I guess it really hit home, coz Mystica said she wished her son would have his passion for education.

At some point a member of the audience asked Arnel Ignacio if he thinks he's a good influence to his daughter because of what he portrays on and offscreen, to which he said, "Because I'm gay, is that what you're asking? Do you know why my daughter understands? Because she's educated." Bravo! I couldn't help but clap after he said that. hehehe... isn't it obvious how I was so into the discussion?

I am grateful and I feel blessed and fortunate that I have parents who did everything they could to send me and my siblings to excellent learning institutions. They taught us the value of a good education, how important it is and how we can be anything we want to be because of it. They guided us well.

Karen Davila said it best at the end of the program: "Maswerte ang mga may oportunidad na makapag-aral dahil madami ang gustong mag-aral pero hindi nila kaya. Kaya kung may oportunidad kayo, wag ninyong sayangin." (The children who have the opportunity to go to school are very fortunate. Many children want to study but the couldn't afford to. So if you have the oppotunity, don't waste it).

Education is a RIGHT not a privilege. That should be the case, but it's not happening right now in our society. Kaya naiinis ako pag may nakikita ako na astudyante na nagbubulakbol, cutting classes, pumapasok daw pero sa iba naman nagpupunta. I'm not a hypocrite. Yes I've had my share of cutting classes and other kalokohans in school, but every time I did, I would feel guilty because I know the sacrifices my parents made to send me to school. And I know they're right when they said the most important and greatest inheritance they could leave us is our good education. Not money, not jewelry, not the house nor the cars, but our education. No one can take that away from us.


de Villa said...

Wow, sounds like some good watching. I always enjoy watching debates as its interesting to see two sides of the argument in one time. The only debate they have here in Australia are all about politics.

In this case I agree that "Education is a RIGHT not a privilege"

Jennie said...

yup, i enjoyed the show. i'm actually looking forward to the next episode. :)