stop bugging me!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

I accompanied my mom yesterday to St. Luke's for her check-up. We were early, as usual, so we had to wait an hour and a half for her doctor to arrive. Mom & I were just talking in the waiting area, when my cellphone rang. I didn't hear it at first coz it was inside my bag, so when I got it out of my bag it wasn't ringing anymore. I didn't recognize the number, and I thought, "Should I text or call back to know who it was?" But then again, if it was important, that person would surely call back.

Against my better judgement, I texted the number and asked who it was and why did he/she call. Very bad idea! The person texted back with this message, in all caps: "MAM, GANDA U RINGBACK, NPPSAYAW ME. AKO SI ALLAN, 28 YRS OLD. DON'T WORI, MABAIT ME?" Wahahaha! Was he asking me if he's mabait? I burst out laughing and I showed the text message to mom who said, "Ay naku, kawawa naman yan, wala siguro magawa. Hahaha!". Which is exactly what I thought, so I deleted the message and read the book that I brought with me, thinking that if I ignore the text, I wouldn't get another message. I was wrong.

A few minutes after, I got another missed call followed by a text message which said, "BAKIT HINDI NA U SAGOT? SGURO LALAKI KA ANO? KSI U RINGBAK IS RAK MUZIK. O KAYA BADING. WAG K MGALALA OK LNG KNG BADING K. MABAIT ME?" ARGH!!! @#!%&!!! Again, I ignored it, shaking my head and thinking how pathetic this person is. He didn't get the picture, called my phone again, and sent another jologs message asking who I was, if I could be his friend and if I could describe myself. I forgot how many times he rang my phone and I finally had to divert all my calls to my voicemail and turned my cellphone off.

After mom's check-up, I turned my phone on, thinking he probably stopped. Wrong again. I had 6 messages, all from that person and I had 8 voicemails. ARGH!!! I was so irritated I finally texted back (nicely :p): "i'm very busy and i would appreciate it if you would stop texting me." Which elicited this response: "WOW. GALING MO MAG-INGLES MAM. AMERIKANA K B? ME BERI NICE, WHITE SKIN ALSO." T*NGINA! Nakakairita na talaga sha!

On the way home, I kept getting messages and I snapped and told him "Ano ka ba? wala k b magawa sa buhay mo?! stop bugging me!! i have better things to do than answer text messages from someone I don't know, you're irritating the hell out of me!!" He texted back telling me that I should stop texting in English because I am in the Philippines and that if I'm American, I should be deported, and continued insulting me, probably thinking I'd take the bait and continue texting him. I love my cellphone, but at that very moment I wanted to throw it away.

I didn't reply to the text messages anymore, no matter how irritated I got. He finally stopped around 10 pm. And yes I was very, very glad he did, and prayed for the next person he'd bug. Hahaha!

This morning, 6 am on the dot, my cellphone rang, waking me from my blissful slumber. It was the damned, pathetic Allan person again!!! In a span of two hours I had more than 10 missed calls, then it stopped, thank God! My relief only lasted till lunchtime, when I got this message: "ILOVE, U MAM. LAM U, MGAAN LOOB ME S U, KHIT DI ME P NKIKITA U."

Great. That makes me soooooo happy. Can you see me jumping for joy? Get a life, freak!


Anonymous said...

hahahahaha....i know how you feel....i've experienced that before ... didnt just texted the person, i called him and threatened to have him arrested by the police...sinabi ko na na-trace ko na kung sino jologs talaga, naniwala...hahahaha....he didnt bother me after.... :)


Jennie said...

good for you, petal! hay.. i guess there's a lot of people who have nothing better to do than bug other people. hehehe!