martial law

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Today marks the 32nd anniversary of one of the darkest time in the Philippine's history: Martial Law. I haven't been born yet, but I learned about how hard it was from stories told by my parents and from school. Everytime I remember those stories, I cringe and I think about how my country suffered because of the plunder done by the dictator Ferdinand Marcos, his family and his cronies.

It makes me double angry how 32 years after, the dictator's wife, Imelda (she with the 3,000 shoes), is still unrepentant and adamant that they did nothing wrong. I was able to watch an interview of her about Martial Law and she said, it should be called Freedom Day, instead. Gah! What nerve! Loony woman. Kaya nga when I saw at St. Luke's before, deadma ako sa kanya :p nyahahaha!