happy graduation :D

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Mom had her last chemotherapy session last Friday. Woohoo! I'm finding difficulty describing how it feels like coz there aren't words to express how thankful, grateful and happy I am that mom has overcome 6 cycles of chemotherapy once again. Basta, sobrang saya na naiiyak dahil tapos na at nakaya nya. As medical professionals say, "Graduate na si mommy." :D

I am so proud of my mom, awed by her strength and her faith in the Lord. I know that if she's not strong in spirit, it would be ten times harder for her to overcome this, and that's why I am very, very, thankful.

It's hard to see someone who's taken care of you all your life going through this and it takes a lot of prayers and support to make one feel better. But once you've overcome something like this, a big load is lifted off your shoulders and the joy you feel is indescribable. The closest I could come to describing it is that it's ecstatic. You feel like you can take everything life throws at you and prevail, because you have gone through worse and you did it with flying colors.

Basta, masayang-masaya ako! :D