amazing race in the philippines

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

"Oh my God. I hate you!" Colin exasperatingly said to the lowly water buffalo (di naman ox yung kalabaw di ba? :p)

I still laugh when I remember that line, and I can still see Colin, bent and resting his hands on his knees, on the verge of tears because he couldn't control the carabao. Poor guy. Super frustrated because they were in last place, after being yeilded by Chip & Kim. He was lashing out at the carabao, who wouldn't follow him, while his girlfriend was on the edge of the patch of land they were supposed to till. Nyahaha! Hindi tinulungan ni Christy si Colin, hanggang hindi sha sinigawan na, "Get down here and help me!"

This episode is one of my favorites, simply because the Amazing Race was in my country. It was exciting to see familiar places and sights (like the jeepneys, EDSA, the traffic :p) on screen. The taxi driver Colin & Christy hired to drive them to the Coconut Palace said, "It's against the law to drive over 100 here (south super highway?), so we have no choice but to break the law." Wahahah! So typical.

Hehehe.. even the President's daughter Luli was there. She was with host Phil Koeghan on the pitstop. Hihihi... ang liit pala talaga nya :p kalahati lang yata sha ni Phil (uy, first name basis.. close kami :p)

I can't wait for the season ender, where they'll go to Palawan. I wonder who will win...