13 going on 30

Monday, September 06, 2004

I was able to watch 13 Going on 30, starring Jennifer Garner, over the weekend. I loved it. It was basically a female, more glamorous version of the Tom Hanks' movie, Big, but I loved it anyway. :)

The funniest scene for me was when Jenna (Jennifer's character) danced "Thriller" at a party. :P Mababaw kaligayahan ko, pero tawang-tawa talaga ako, specially when her friend Matt (Mark Ruffalo) danced with her.

I'm not a critic so I won't write about the technical side of it. :p I enjoyed watching the movie, nevermind if it had loopholes or the plot was simple. I don't care. Chaka favorite ko si Jennifer Garner (shempre, Jennifer din sha eh). Hahaha! Which means, I'll like it anyway :p


Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I was given the chance to live my life over. Would I make the same stupid mistakes? Or would I live my life as I have, keeping in mind that my mistakes are what made me who I am? Will knowing beforehand what would happen to me, make me want to change it and go back to an unknown future?

I'm not at all certain what I would do if it were possible. My motto has always been "Everything happens for a reason." No regrets. Learn from mistakes. If I didn't learn from it, I would probably say that my life had been a waste coz I keep repeating it.

Uy.. serious ah! Monday kasi eh :p


Joey said...

I love 13 Going On 30. Mark Ruffalo is such a cutie! Did you see the movie on DVD ba or sa theater? If not sa DVD, try getting hold of it and check the special features. They have this "I Was A Teenage Geek" featurette. It was so funny!

Jennie said...

hi joey, actually pirated copy yung napanood ko. wahahah! :p but i plan to buy the original ;)