water, water everywhere

Thursday, August 26, 2004

For the second straight day, it has been raining hard, causing flash floods, monstrous traffic jams and the student's favorite: NO CLASSES!

It was disconcerting to see some parts of the city with water up to a normal-sized person's chest. Even more so when most residents of that area wouldn't leave their homes. Were they so used to it that they aren't bothered anymore? It seemed to me that they were more concerned about leaving their belongings than getting sick or swept away by the flood. There is something seriously wrong with that. How can your possessions mean more than your potential well-being?

It was also disturbing how some kids were swimming in the dirty flood water. And they were enjoying it! Yaiks! I can only imagine the diseases they could get. Nakaka-panglumo. Dapat nag-aalala sila dahil sa dami ng pwdeng sakit na makuha nila dun, pero enjoy na enjoy sila kaka-swimming sa tubig baha.

I'm also saddened that people aren't disciplined enough. They don't dispose their garbage properly and just throw it away whenever and wherever they feel like it. Kung tinatapon lang nila ng maayos, sigurado ako, hindi magbabaha, kahit pa malakas ang ulan at high tide.

I remember when I was in 2nd year high school, we were stranded in school coz there were flash floods in Manila. I think about half the school's population were stranded. My lola's house was near St. Scho, but we couldn't go there coz the flood water was waist-high. School officials thought it best for us to sleep in the classrooms. It was fun. It actually felt like we were in camp or something. We got home the next day, mom's birthday and it was also the day my lola died. That's why I'll never forget that day.

I was in college when I experienced the worst flash flood. La salle was one of those schools that doesn't suspend classes unless the roofs were flying, so by the time they suspended classes around lunch time, everyone else was on the streets and going home. There was a shortage of public transportation and dad couldn't fetch us because Sucat Road was already flooded (that was the only time I remember Sucat being flooded thigh-high). It was already 8 pm when we got a ride and we spent hours in traffic. My friend Eloi, my sister and I walked from Kabihasnan Road (coz that was only how far the FX could go) up to the gate of our subdivision. I don't know how far that was. But it was a long walk.

Sucat Road looked like a parking lot, the vehicles couldn't move forward because of the flood water. We were already walking on the center island so we wouldn't have to wade in the flood. Tapos nasalubong namin si daddy. Sinundo nya kami, pero yung kotse naiwan sa guard house ng village dahil hindi makatawid. Hehehe... we were so happy to see him coz my sister and I were ready to give up. We got home at 2 am. Tired. Hungry. Frustrated. Sleepy.

When we got home, we went directly to the shower, scrubbed really hard at inubos ang alcohol sa bahay. Hehehe... We didn't wake up until 3 pm the next day.

It's sad that things haven't changed. May flash floods pa din. Hay.. when will we ever learn?

♥ JeN

PS: Busog na busog pa din ako. It was my mom's birthday yesterday and someone sent lechon over. Nyaiks! Sarap. :D

Happy birthday to my cousins, Marlon & Lalaine!


Joey said...

You know, I always see/hear about such calamities in the news, but luckily I've never witnessed it first hand. (I lived in the Ortigas Center area when I was still in Manila.) It's just weird that I know such thing has happened like a few hours away from where I lived, but because I only saw/read about it in the news, I never really get to feel the gravity of the situation, even if I already see kids swimming in the flood or people sitting on their roof, that sort of thing. Heh, hope that made sense.

Jennie said...

yep, joey, what you wrote made sense. you were so lucky for not having experienced manila's flood problem first hand. :D