Monday, August 30, 2004

Saturday afternoon my siblings and I went to our tita's house coz it was our uncle's 40th day, and there was a small gathering. Ang bilis. 40 days na palang wala si Tatay. It was good to see our relatives again and it was nice to know that my aunt and my cousins are coping well from death of tatay.

The first (little) people my brother and I saw when we got there were our niece Hannah (wearing a bunny ear headband), and the very precocious Gian. We were surprised to see a bald Gian Carlo. Wahaha! He looked like an egg.

When we asked him why he was bald, he said he cut his hair. Lokong bata. When my cousin (his dad) saw him, he had bald patches on his head, so they decided to shave his hair. Funny kid, he was so proud that he cut his own hair. Hahahaha!

It was also our Tita Belle's birthday, so we were so full when we got home. hehehe.. we even had take home food for mom & dad. Ay nakoh, paano ka ba naman papayat nyan kung lahat ng tao sa pamilya masarap magluto at mahilig maghanda?

lazy sunday afternoon

I love lazy sunday afternoons. Nothing much to do but relax, read a book or watch a good film on cable. I did all three.

My cousin returned two of my Chicken Soup books recently, so now I'm rereading it. It's a good book, specially if one needs uplifting of the spirits. I went to Amazon earlier, and browsed at the other Chicken Soup titles. I added more titles to my growing Amazon wishlist (*wink *wink).

After lunch I turned the tv on, flipped channels and I chanced upon a movie that just started. I was intrigued by the first few scenes and never switched channels until the movie ended. It was Live From Baghdad, a film based on the book by CNN producer Robert Wiener, about his news crew's experiences during the first Gulf War. It was a poignant film, starring Michael Keaton as Bob Wiener, Helena Bonham-Carter as co-producer Ingrid Formanek, Paul Guilfoyle as their Executive Producer Ed Turner, and a slew of other good actors, including versatile Lili Taylor. It was well-written, informative and showed the courage and resourcefulness of the crew at the time of war. I'm going to watch it again if I chance upon it on cable. :p

Belgian Grand Prix

After a year's absence, Formula 1 returned to one of the best race tracks in the world, the Spa-Francorchamps Circuit in Belgium yesterday. It was a breath-taking race. Four cars were eliminated on the first lap at the first turn, and fire even erupted from one of the race cars. It was an exciting race with lots of over-taking and drama all though-out the 44 laps, with the safety car going on track four times because of accidents, twice in the last 5 laps. Best of all, Kimi Raikkonen finally won this season (woohoo!), after a disappointing 10 races. Michael Schumacher didn't have a chance coz Kimi's McLaren-Mercedes was at top form. He did win his record 7th World Championship in Belgium. I hope next season another driver would win, coz it's getting boring to watch Schumi win over and over again.

In other F1 news, my friend Neil mentioned yesterday that Mild Seven Renault driver, Fernando Alonso is coming to Manila in November. He will be here for the annual Mild Seven Asian Promo Tour (2 years ago, Jenson BUtton was here and last year, it was Alan McNish). It will be held at the Rockwell Tent, but I stil don't have the exact date.

nyah! ang haba na pala nito :p stop na muna ako.

PS: Happy Birthday to one of my best friends, Jacque! :D