Sunday, August 08, 2004

I was reading the newspaper earlier and I think I was on the 7th section already when I thought dad was brewing coffee. I smiled and savored the aroma. But then I asked myself why it wasn't as strong as before and that it was kinda sweet-smelling. That's when I glanced on the right side of the paper and saw the new NescafeTM ad. It was the paper I was smelling! Dad wasn't brewing coffee... the coffee aroma was coming from the paper! How cool was that?!

Needless to say, I kept smelling the paper. Hahaha! I even kept it, coz talagang aliw na aliw ako. I intend to keep it for as long as I can smell the coffee aroma. :p

That's one of my many quirks. If I like something, no matter what it is, I will keep it. I'm also a certified pack-rat. It's hard for me to throw away things when it means something to me. I keep concert tickets, letters, notes (yes, the ones passed during classes), even candy wrappers (if someone special gave it to me). There's a cabinet in my room that has shoeboxes of seemingly trivial things, but they aren't trivial to me. I have reco letters from 1st yr HS until the reco letters given during orient class in college. I have the 4th yr hs ids of my friends. You name it, i probably have it. But that doesn't mean that my room looks like a hurricane passed through it (minsan lang yun mangyari - owwws? :p).

I do throw away stuff when it reminds me of someone I don't want to be remembered of. It's like my way of cutting that person off from my life. Sometimes I regret throwing stuff like that, but most of the time, it's cathartic.

While going through one of my old diaries, I found a list I made about my quirks (or weirdness). Here are some of it:

1. I like reading scary novels and watching horror movies, even if I'm probably one of the world's biggest cowards. (hindi, active lang ang imagination ko - defensive!)

2. I'm afraid of the dark. Even if I'm just going to the side of the house, I'd ask my brother to go with me.

3. Sometimes for no reason at all, the hairs at the back of my neck just stand on end and I'd get chills. So I'd run to my room and as soon as I step inside, the feeling is gone.

4. I sometimes see someone or something move from the corner of my eye, but when I turn my head to look, I see nothing. Weird, diba?

5. All my books are arranged in the following order: type (school books by subject, biographies, novels, etc.) , alphabetically by author, then by date published. I could have been a librarian in a former life. :p

6. CDs and tapes (yes I stil have those :p) are arranged alphabetically. It used to be arranged by genre.

7. Magazines are arranged alphabetically and by date.

8. YES I'm OC! Hehehe!

9. If stuff are not in the order I like it to be, I change it. Sometimes, I stop myself from doing that, pero hindi ako mapakali hanggang hindi ko inaayos.

10. When our living room rug had fringes, I used to get the urge to fix the fringes. As in yung mukhang sinuklay yung fringes.

11. Reading the above, I feel like I need a psychiatrist. Hahahaha!

12. I have 14 pillows of different shapes and sizes. Feeling cocoon!

13. I can't sleep without a blanket. Even if it's the middle of summer, I still have a blanket.

14. I sleep faster if I'm on my tummy. If I sleep on my back, there's a higher probability that I would toss and turn.

15. My mom said that since I was a baby, I couldn't sleep without music. Until now I sleep with my stereo on. It doesn't matter what kind of music, kahit heavy metal pa un, basta may tugtog, makakatulog ako. But that only happens when I'm alone in my room.

16. Because of my active imagination, blinds and curtains in my room are closed when I sleep. I wouldn't want to wake up in the middle of the night and wake up with someone or something staring at me through the window. Ngiiii!

17. Napaka-arte ko matulog. Hahaha! But I can sleep anywhere. Hindi ako namamahay.

18. I put mayonnaisse on anything. It's like my ketchup. I'd probably die one day from it. nyahahaha!

19. Most of the time, I'm singing a certain song, and I turn the radio on and I hear the same song. Or I turn on the tv and when I reach the music channels, the video of the song I'm singing is being played.

20. Sometimes someone I know just pops in my head and in no time at all, I either recieve a phone call, a text message or an email from that person. Most of the time it's my mom. I'd think of her and she'd call me from her office, or I'd just feel like calling her and when she answers the phone, she'd either tell me she was thinking of calling me, or she was calling me but the phone was busy (coz I was calling her that same time). Once or twice, I picked up the phone intending to call her and instead of the dial tone, I hear her say hello from the other end of the line. Hahahah!

21. I have a strong sense of deja vu.

Hmm... there's more, but I think I am weird enough :p Tama na muna ito for today. Hehehe...

♥ JeN


GINNY said...

wehehe! OC OC ka nga! Super! haha!! o sya sya di ka nga matatakutin :-P hehe!! jus readin through ur past entries right now :-)

Jennie said...

hahaha! sabi ko na nga ba kailangan ko ng psychiatrist eh. :p