Thursday, August 05, 2004

hmmm.. i can't seem to get the blogging vibe I had when I started this blog. I used to have entries everyday, now blog quite sporadically. :p I can't use the excuse that I'm busy, because I blogged everyday, even when I was really, really busy.

So what excuse could I have?

  1. Is the novelty of having a blog beginning to fade? That's a typical Arian trait, which I admit I have. I'm excited at the start of a project and is quite good at it, but I get bored easily, so I'm not really good at follow-through. :p
  2. Is it because I have nothing to blog about? (gah! pathetic naman nun.. ibig sabihin ang boring ko... wahahaha!)
  3. Or maybe I don't feel comfortable blogging about some thoughts because people I know personally read my blog, too?

My excuse could be all three. hehehe... Several questions come to mind though. Why is it we feel more comfortable divulging ourselves to strangers than to the people we actually know? Are we afraid that they'd see us differently if they knew all our thoughts? Or even worse judge us?

Just wondering...


knickknacks said...

When I first started my blog, I had wanted it to be for my family and friends. For them to know what goes on in my life away from home. However, it has gotten kinda tricky and superficial because I find myself censoring alot of things I wish to pen down. It is human nature to judge people and I do not wish my family and friends to view me strangely/differently. (What will they think if they know about my fetishes!*hehe*)Sometimes I wish I had started anonymously and be able to pour my heart out to the unknown freely...*oh well!*

Joey said...

Yeah, we can always blame it on our astrological personality profile (I'm an Aries too). I just love starting anything, ie blogs, and after a while (usually after 2 months), I'd be all, "Hrmm, I don't like this anymore. I want something new." This explains why I have way too many websites and blogs. LoL.