la lang uli... :p

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Mom and I spent most of the day at St. Luke's today. She was due for another check-up and for every check-up she needs to have a blood test. We get the results in a hour, which was pretty good considering some hospitals release results after 2 hours or worse, a day after (I personally know of a hospital that releases blood test results after a week).

Mom's doctor's clinic hours are from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. But that's rarely even followed. The usual time she gets to her clinic is 12:30 pm, which means at least 2 hours waiting for us. She has so many patients, at St. Luke and another hospital that her clinic schedule gets messed up. I know I mentioned this before, but I really hate waiting. The times we stay at the waiting area are the times I get to finish my reading, which is good in a way. :)

Dra. Gorospe is a very good doctor and she's also very nice, that even if I'm already impatient, my irritation disappears as soon as it's mom's turn. Hahaha! Nakukuha ako sa smile :p But really, she's nice.

Mom's next chemo session will be on the 18th. I pray that this will be the last, coz the side effects seem to get worse everytime. I'm awed by my mom's strength. If it were me, I would probably have given up. Luckily, the side effects lasts only a week after each session. After that week, mom is back to her normal, bubbly self. She's raring to go back to the office (and she still works and directs her staff from home), coz she's not used to doing nothing, as she puts it :p

I am very grateful that the chemo drugs are working. I see the progress after every session. That makes me very hopeful that mom will overcome this once again.

God indeed moves in mysterious ways. Mom's illness made our family stronger and we value life and each other more. Sometimes I have days where I question why this had to happen and I rant and rage. But after I let it all out (hay... cry fest alone in my room :p), I feel at peace. As if someone held my hand, and reassured me that everything will be all right. And then I smile.

♥ JeN