huhuhu.. bye free gprs... :(

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I find it weird how I survived without internet before, but now I get withdrawal symptoms whenever I can't.

We got home today after mom's overnight chemo session. And believe me when I say that I missed the pc more than my bed this time.

To add to my internet withdrawals, I wasn't able to check my emails via gprs because I found out that Globe's wap service isn't free anymore. HUWAAAAT?!! When did that freaking happen?! I didn't get the memo on that. Gah.. I can only imagine my bill next month :p

Globe's marketing strategy is to make you addicted to a free service. Then.. WHAM! next thing you know, you're being charged for it - and you'd see the notice on next month's bill - when they've already charged you. Alex, sorry, I know you're way up there sa Globe marketing ladder, but it sucks talaga! Won't you reconsider? Even for a friend? Wahaha!

Granted, the WAP fee is only P 0.15/kb compared to Smart's P 0.25/kb. But the point is, I didn't know that they started charging last Aug. 19. I don't know if anyone else knew about it and I was the only one who didn't.

So now I will have to control my gprs urges. hahaha! KURIPOT!

♥ JeN

PS: Happy Birthday to my friend, Dr. Joanne! I didn't see you at St. Luke's last night (kasi di naman ako bumaba sa E.R. - hehehe). O baka naman boitday leave ka? I hope you had a good one!