Sunday, August 22, 2004

This is what I call the birthday week. The week where I know someone celebrating a birthday everyday - most of them family.

The 24th, my friend Joanne is celebrating her birthday. On the 25th, Anna, one of my closest college friends, who now lives in Washington DC, will have her birthday. On the 26th, my fraternal twin cousins, Marlon & Lalaine, are turning a year older, and also my college buddy, Cy. On the 27th, it's my cousin-in-law, Ate Karen's turn. My favorite aunt, Tita Belle's bday is on the 28th. Hehehe.. pahinga sa 29, wala akong kilala na may bday :p. On the 30th, one of my best friends, Jacque, will celebrate her birthday and on the 31st, it's my uncle, Tito Edward's turn. Whew... sakit sa bulsa. Dami nilang may birthday. :p

Most especially, my amazing mom will celebrate her birthday on the 25th. I still have no idea what to get her for her birthday, and it's only days away. Any suggestions?

Mom will have her 5th chemo session tomorrow. Premedication starts tonight and we will check in at St. Luke's tomorrow morning. I feel sad that mom will have chemo on her birthday week. I just hope the side effects will be milder. I know that even if mom doesn't say it and even if she's smiling, she's also thinking that it's a sad way to celebrate a birthday. But looking on the bright side of things, we know the chemo drugs are working, so it's a reason to smile and feel blessed.

Bilib ako sa mental energy ni mommy. Sobrang lakas. Na-o-overcome nya lahat. For that I am grateful, coz I believe that if her mind gives up, her body goes along with it. Physically, she might not be as active as she was before, but if you compare her to other people, she's pretty active. If she feels strong enough, she'd go to the office. She feels restless at home - she says she's not used to not doing anything. If she doesn't go to the office, she still directs her staff from the house.

If OC ako, mas OC si mommy, specially when it comes to cleanliness. Hehehe.. lagot ang alikabok kay mommy. Pagdating doon, 20/20 ang vision nya.

Para hindi sha maiinip sa bahay, nag-ko-cross stitch sha. That's where mom's patience shows. Me, I wouldn't be able to finish big cross stitched projects, coz I'd lose my patience, get frustrated and stop doing it. Most of her projects are framed and displayed around the house.

Mom loves to cook, she got that from lola. And I'm not saying this coz she's my mom, pero masarap talaga sha magluto. Kaya nga naglalakihan kami sa bahay. Hehehe... We used to tell her. "Ma, wag ka na kasi magluto ng masarap, para di na kami kakain ng madami." and she'd just laugh.

She loves music. We probably got that from her. Lola used to sing while she was cooking, and mom does that, too. I used to think the singing makes the food taste better. :p

Sometimes mom would sing a current song and we'd look at her and ask, "Ma, alam mo yan?" and she'd say, "oo naman, ang ganda nga eh." Hehehe.. updated sa mga kanta ang mommy ko :p

She's one of the best shopping and eating out companions. Sobrang saya. Sky's the limit pag nasa mood. hahaha!

There are a lot of things i can say about how wonderful my mom is, but there are no words to express how blessed I am to have a mom like her. We may have had our ups and downs, have our share of disagreements and arguements, but i wouldn't trade her for anyone else.

If there was one thing I could wish for, I would wish my mom perfect health, so she'd be there to spoil her grandchildren.

i love you mom, happy birthday!

♥ JeN