ang pagbabalik... :p

Monday, August 02, 2004

I'm back, balakubak! hihihi!

As Dinah said earlier, "matagal nang deads ang blog mo." Oo nga, one week, to be exact. Blame it on tamad-itis, blogger's block, or the infernal colds I had since Monday. Hehehe... daming excuses. :p

It wasn't a planned hiatus, but I did get to accomplish stuff that I have been putting off. During the week that I was "out of blogging commission", between bouts of sneezing every night, I have been able to finish reading several books. I've also written entries on my diary (hehehe.. sorry di pwede idivulge, lagot ako if I write it here :p), finished some sketches, while watching a Sex & the City marathon on Wowow. Naks! multi-tasker :p

Since last Monday the average time I get to sleep was 3 am. I couldn't sleep coz of my colds. I hate getting colds! Aside from the constant sneezing, the rudolph the red-nosed reindeer look, the ngo-ngo voice, it's the clogged nose I hate most about it. It's just so damned hard to find a position to sleep in, so I could breathe (and not die in my sleep.. hehehe!). By the time I've stopped tossing and turning and found a position, nawala na antok ko :p

So every night, I would read a book to make me sleepy again. I've read two romance novels by Jude Deveraux (but of course! hehehe...), a Robert Fulghum book, a Bob Ong book (hilarious!), The Notebook (again) by Nicholas Sparks, and Philippine Ghost Stories Book 3 (yeah, I'm a such a sucker for that). Reading was not a very good idea. Hehehe... by the time I'm sleepy, I couldn't put the book down. Ang daming reklamo noh? Hahaha!

Oh and let's not forget this fact: I am weird. :p I like reading scary/creepy stories and watching horror movies (Ju-on was on cable last night.. nyay...), but I'm one of the world's biggest cowards. Hahaha! During the times I'm left alone in front of the pc, and everyone is asleep in their rooms, I always run to my room as soon as I turn the lights off the hallway. I could feel the hair on my nape stand on end, but as soon as I enter my room and close the door it's gone. Was it because of my very active imagination? I have no idea. :p but I always end up sleeping with the lights on. Hahahaha!

♥ JeN

PS: belated Happy birthday to my friend, Janice. :D


Joey said...

I love reading scary novels too, especially on vampire/wicca (witches) fiction! I love freaking myself out, but then I couldn't sleep in the dark. Parang tanga! Hahaha.

Jennie said...

and i thought i was the only one. hehehe... :D

Anonymous said...

Joey, why does Wicca freak you out and what does it have to do with Vampires?