when life was simpler...

Thursday, July 01, 2004

I remember when I was younger I liked black-outs (hindi pa ako takot sa dilim nun :p). My sister and I would go outside and play with our neighbor's kids. Black-outs were like the excuse for me to stay out, and we'd play under the moonlight. We'd play hide and seek, patintero, pepsi-7up, simon says, and the good old fashioned habulan. These were the days when there were more vacant lots than houses on our street, when the village wasn't part of the "friendship route", when life was simpler, and when I'd go home and mom would tell me to go straight to the bathroom and wash up coz "amoy-araw ako" (seriously, how does amoy-araw smell like? I mean, naaamoy ba yung sun? ahahaha! pilosopa). That seems like it was so long ago. Those were the days I was tomboy-ish (now I'm kikay. wahahahaha!)

We used to climb the aratiles trees that grew on the vacant lot to the right of our house. We'd pick all the aratiles berries we could reach, and then run home and ask yaya to make aratiles juice (wahahahaha! i have no idea now how that tasted like :p).

Before when we're hurt, we bawl our eyes out but when mom kisses it better we're fine. Now it's more complicated. Hugs and kisses still take the hurt away but not in an instant. Not like before. When my playmates and i fight, a simple sorry is said and we'd be friends again. The fight forgotten as if it never happened. A clean slate. Not like when we're all grown up - hurts remain. It takes me a long time to forget.

Things have changed. My playmates now have families of their own and when we see each other, we talk about grown-up stuff (work, relationships, etc..). Our once quiet street is very busy. If before you'd hear the shrieks and tha laughter of the kids playing outside, now all we hear are the sounds of the vehicles passing by. The only vacant lot left is the one next to our house. I haven't seen a tutubi (dragonfly) in maybe 15 years, whereas before, one of my playmates would catch them and scare us girls. And we run around the street shrieking, while our yaya's would tell us not to run or we might get hurt.

I remember my uncle (my dad's youngest brother), used to catch fireflies for us and we'd put them inside a bottle (with holes of course ;p), but we'd release them, too. Now, I don't see fireflies here anymore.

Things changed... we changed. We grew up. :)

I'm grateful I had a fun childhood and I have good memories. I just wish sometimes I could be as carefree as I was when I was 7. Don't get me wrong, I still act like I'm 7 sometimes. Hahahaha!

♥ JeN