sad :(

Monday, July 19, 2004

The whole weekend I didn't feel like blogging. I think I have 3 drafts already and even now I still don't feel like completing it.

Actually, ayoko din sana magblog. Kaya lang ang lungkot ngayon, pati yung panahon nakikisama.. umuulan kasi. Parang umiiyak din yung langit.

One of my uncles passed away tonight. He is the husband of my mom's second eldest sister. It came as a shock to everyone because it was so sudden. He just complained of stomach pains last night and we all thought that he'd be confined. We didn't think he'd pass away the next day.

My sister and I just got home when my favorite aunt, Tita Belle texted and asked me to call their house. I thought I left something (coz I just came from their house). Then she told me the news. Pos wala na... tumulo na luha ko. Haay... Then I got a text from my cousin and he said their dad passed away. Dun na nag-sink in na wala na nga si Tatay Roque (my cousins and I call him tatay and my aunt we call nanay). Nakakalungkot talaga... But my aunt said my uncle died with a smile, coz his family was by his side until his last breath. His wife his four children were there by his bedside.  He's in a better place now, but it's still sad news.

Life is fleeting... we never know how long we'd be here in this world... so we should live life to the fullest and  don't let a day pass without telling our loved ones how much we love them.