na-miss ko ito....

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

i missed blogging!!!

I've been busy but not too busy to blog. I just had serious blogger's/writer's block. I actually tried to blog all weekend, but I just ended up staring at the screen, typing a few sentences, then erasing it again. hehehe!

I can't say that I wasn't in the mood to blog, coz I actually wanted to. I just coulnd't find the right words to say. Overly critical? Or just plain maarte, maybe. :p

Maybe it was also because I wanted to do some stuff over the weekend, like watch Wimbledon, the French Grand Prix, read a couple of books, laze around all day in my room. :p


i haven't been watching Tennis Grand Slams as religously as I did before. Not since Pat Rafter & Pete Sampras retired and Goran Ivanisevic hasn't been performing well coz of injuries (or maybe he's getting older? :( ). I only watch the semifinals and the finals now.

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at Women's Champion Maria Sharapova. She's not at all like the other Russian covergirl/tennis player Anna Kournikova. She's not just pretty - she's talented! She looks sweet, but her serves and her returns were very powerful. I didn't think she'd beat Lindsey Davenport (who looks amazing now that she'd slimmed down) on the semis, but Sharapova beat Davenport on straight sets. That's when I thought she has a good chance of beating Serena Williams. And she did. It was a great game - not as exciting as a Steffi Graf-Monica Seles match (hehe.. luma :p) or a Williams-Hingis match, but it was great. I hope Sharapova's win wasn't a fluke, I'm looking forward to watching her play again.

As for the men's finals. I was a bit disappointed. Not because it wasn't a good game, but because I wanted Andy Roddick to win and not Roger Federer. But I think defending champion Federer deserved the win. He was amazing - not once did he lose his cool during the whole match, while Roddick was his typical temperamental self. I guess that was also a factor for Federer winning. Better luck next time, Andy (shucks.. feeling close! :p)

I kinda lost interest watching the Formula One Grand Prix when my favorite team. Mclaren-Mercedes and favorite driver, Kimi Raikkonen, began underperforming. And seeing Michael Schumacher on the podium at every race is becoming too boring for me. I still watch every race, but I'm not glued to the TV anymore, unlike before. I just look in once in a while. :p The French Grand Prix at Magny-Cours wasn't as dramatic as the Indianapolis Grand Prix (which had numerous crashes, Ralf Schumacher's the most terrifying). I hope in the next race, I'd see a different person on the podium.

I'm currently reading two books, The Mulberry Tree by Jude Deveraux and the controversial Holy Blood, Holy Grail. And nope, I don't get confused, the two books are so different from one another :p

Reading a Jude Deveraux novel is one of my guilty pleasures (munching on Nestle Almonets another :p). Kahit may magsabi pa sa akin na walang kwenta yung libro nya, babasahin ko pa din yun. Nakakakilig eh. hahaha! I've read all but 2 of her books since High School, I have all but 5 of her books, and I've reread all books a least once. If that doesn't show how much I like her novels, I don't know what will. ;p So when I went to National Bookstore a few days ago, I had to stop myself from buying all the books I haven't read yet. I told myself I'll just buy one, choosing which one was kinda harder. But OC Jennie resurfaced and decided to buy the books in the order of date published. nyahahaha!

I actually bought 2 other books, Books 1 & 2 of Philippine Ghost Stories. Opo. ang matatakutin na si Jennie, bumili ng librong nakakakilabot. Some of the stories there I already know, lke the ghosts at DLSU & St. Scho, the white lady at Balate Drive, Concha Cruz, and other urban legends, but I was still creeped out. Since I finished reading the 2 books, I have slept with the lights on for 3 nights and counting. :p

The other book I'm reading is Holy Blood, Holy Grail. It's very controversial because it presents dug up documents during the past 30 years about Jesus. It was one of the basis for Dan Brown's novel, The Da Vinci Code.

After I read DVC, I looked for Holy Blood, Holy Grail, coz I know we have it somewhere in the house. I couldn't find it, but I found out the other night that it was with my sister. I borrowed it from her and even if I had started reading The Mulberry Tree, I had to put it down. That's how much I wanted to read this book - I had to postpone reading on of my guilty pleasures. :p

Hmm.. I didn't realize how long this entry has been. Ang tagal kasing hindi nagblog :p

♥ JeN