i can see clearly now :D

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

woohoo! i can see, i can see! it's a miracle!

hehehe... you have to pardon me, I'm just so happy that I can see my world now without squinting. :) I got a new pair of eyeglasses (with blue frames - hindi obvious na favorite color ko ang blue noh? :p) yesterday at the mall and I got it in an hour. I thought of getting contact lenses but I don't think I am ready for it. Baka mamaya, makalimutan ko tanggalin at mainfect pa (yiii! kahit na extended wear yun at soft lens pa, ayaw ko). Besides, I get creeped out when there's something in my eye (uy.. feeling Rachel Green of Friends, hahaha!)

I'm actually not feeling too well right now. Around 10 pm last night, I started getting chills and I learned that I had a 39.5 degree fever. Hmm... I wondered why I had fever. I didn't have coughs or colds, I didn't feel sore or anything - well just the normal PMSy thingies. I got quite alarmed when I thought I might have caught Mom's shingles. Well actually, magaling na si mommy, kaya naisip ko baka lumipat sa akin kasi ako yung lagi nya kasama. I don't see any chicken pox-like blisters so I'm still hoping I didn't catch it.

What is shingles anyway? Well, to the avid David Letterman fan, you'll remember that he caught it middle of last year. It's a virus that's a close cousin of chicken pox and once you get chicken pox, there are a few of it left in your system (for immunity, so you don't get chicken pox twice). However, people get shingles if 1. he/she is older (like in their 60's); 2. if you're younger and have a low immune system (which mom had coz she was having chemo), and 3. if one is stressed and the airborne virus interacts with the chicken pox left in your system. If chicken pox is itchy, shingles is freaking painful coz it attacks your nerves. I hope I am getting this right, if I didn't please feel free to enlighten me. :)

Of the three reasons, I don't naturally fall under category number 1, hehehe. I probably fall under category 2 or 3 (ahaha! may ibang choice pa ba? :p). But I am still hoping this is just fever brought about the changing of the seasons/temperature.

I spent most of the day in my room sleeping. It wasn't as relaxing coz I had chills and I felt restless and nauseuous whenever I tried to get up. I didn't eat a thing until 5 pm. O diba, malamang pumayat ako. hihihi!

Kita mo naman.. kahit may sakit, nag-ba-blog pa din. ADIK!!!! :p

67th UAAP Season
The 67th UAAP Season had it's opening ceremonies last Saturday. My alma mater is the host of this year's Season. The opening ceremony was good, it was fast paced & it wasn't boring. I liked the opening ceremonies when we hosted the UAAP, though while I was still in College. I think it was more impressive. But I'm not taking anything away from this year's ceremonies.

Too bad the Green Archers lost against the Blue Eagles. It was the first time in 16 years that DLSU lost on the opening day of UAAP basketball competition. A 15 point lead squandered. Hay.. di bale.. babawi kami sa second round. ;)

Yay! kimi Raikkonen & the Mclaren Mercedes Team finally had a podium finish this Formula 1 season. Kimi won second place (to Schumacher, who else?) but it was okay. It just goes to show that the team has a good driver with a good performing car. Finally, the Mclaren-Mercedes Team is back. Their 2004 season car, the MP4-19B, is much better than the MP4-19. The handling & aerodynamics of the car is better, it sports a new wing, and there seems to be very minimal understeer when going around the corners of the track. I'm looking forward to the next race, the German Grand Prix in Hokkenheim next week. It would be awesome if Kimi wins in Schumacher's home race. hehehe...

Anyhoo. I'm going to log out for now. I feel kinda woozy already so I guess I need to take a break. Hopefully the next time I blog, I won't be nursing a fever anymore.

♥ JeN