ano daw?!!

Thursday, July 15, 2004

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "Gusto ko na ngang magka-apo" -- mommy

Syet! That's what mom said last night when one of our neighbors paid her a visit. And yep, she knew I was there. As in nagparinig na nanay ko. Patay. hehehe.. naghahanap na pala ng apo si mommy. :p

I said "good evening" to our neighbor when I saw her and she asked my mom, "kelan ba ikakasal ang dalaga mo?" And my mom said, "Naku, hindi ko alam, gusto ko na ngang magka-apo." Wala akong nasabi nung oras na yun kasi nagulat ako sa sagot ni mommy. I just smiled sheepishly, said my goodbyes and went straight to my room. I guess our neighbor asked the same thing when my sister arrived.

When I got to my room, I was pissed off. What our neighbor asked kinda sunk in. Naasar ako hindi dahil sa sinabi ng mommy ko, kungdi dahil sa tanong ng kapit-bahay namin. Ugh! People can be so nosy. If there was one thing I hate to be asked, it's that. "When are you getting married?" Well, not the question per se, but how they ask it. Gusto kong barahin yung kapit-bahay namin, but that would be rude.

Back to mom's reply. So... is my mom waiting for a grandchild only and not a son-in-law? wahahaha! joke lang! Of course it doesn't need to be said that I should be married first before having a baby. Yun nga lang yung problema... wala pa akong nakikitang magiging son-in-law nila. hihihi!

Oh, I almost forgot my dad's reaction to our neighbor's question. As soon as our neighbor asked the question, dad immediately looked at me. Tapos yung tingin nya parang "wag ka magkakamali ng sagot", nakakunot-noo at hindi ngumingiti. Seryoso si popsie. Nakakatawa!

♥ JeN