my niece Halle

Monday, July 26, 2004

Happy blog naman. :) I am tired of sad blog entries, and I am sure you are, too. hehehe...

I got an email this morning, from my cousin Kuya Obet (or Rob, as he is called now :p) who lives in London. He's my third eldest cousin from my father's side. Yup, I'm also the fourth grandchild on my father's side, and I am the first granddaughter.

I haven't seen him since he moved to London, after his wedding to Karen (a British national) a few years ago. He emails quite regularly and sends me pictures of their daughter Halle, who now looks like a little British angel. Sheesh... she doesn't even look like she has Filipino blood. I'm sure that when they come here for a visit some time next year, she'd be talking to me with a thick British accent I would have a hard time understanding. Hahaha!

Picture pa lang, nang-gigigil na ako, what more when I see her? :p

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the week after

Sunday, July 25, 2004

There's been a semblance of normalcy in the family since yesterday when my uncle's remains were cremated. After a week of grieving, I think his family has accepted he's gone, though I know the pain of his passing will still be felt.

Thank you to everyone for your condolences and prayers. :)

It's ironic that it took a funeral for family and friends to have a reunion. Yet it also shows how loved a person was when he was alive. My uncle was a man of few words, pero pag humirit sha, matatawa ka talaga. Everyone who spoke at his funeral mentioned that he always has a ready smile to anyone, I think that's one of the things about him most of us will miss.

I was the 4th grandchild, all 3 before me were his children, so I spent most of my preschoool days at their house and I remember how patient he was with us. I also called him tatay like my cousins (gaya-gaya kasi ako :p) and all the cousins after me called him that, too.

I can only imagine how painful it is for my aunt to lose her husband of 38 years, especially since his birthday is 3 weeks away. Or how my cousins would miss their father and my little nephews and niece would grow up without their lolo. I know it gave them comfort though how family and friends gave them support during this time in their lives. And it also gives them comfort that he is now in a better place with the Lord.

My cousins and I were at the wake almost every night. Handang-handa kami maglamay coz we brought along books, board games, playing cards, and drank lots of brewed coffee (hehehe.. actually yung funeral home, amoy coffee place). We went home at 6am, slept most of the day, then returned in the afternoons for another night of endless coffee and conversations. On the last night, my brother, our cousin Lon and our cousin-in-law Rochelle, took turns playing the guitar as we sang along, in one corner of the room. We joked that we were having an "acoustic wake session". It didn't feel like we were in a funeral, though we never forgot why we all were there. I asked one of my aunts if it was appropriate, and she said it was all right, and that if Tatay was there, he'd give us his famous smile.

My nephew Gian & my niece Hannah, 5 & 4 respectively, obviously do not grasp the concept of death yet, but they brought smiles and laughter during the wake. My cousin Caloy said that when they arrived home from the hospital, they told his son Gian that "...nasa taas na si tatay" (my cousin meant to say Tatay was already in heaven). His son then got up and went upstairs looking for his lolo. When he came down he said, "wala naman sa taas si tatay eh."

Then, during the first night of the funeral, Hannah and Gian were running around the funreal parlor. I called them and we went to the room to change their clothes. I told them not to be so noisy coz their lolo might get angry. Hannah asked me, "bakit ninang Jennie, mabubuhay uli si lolo?"

ONe night Hannah asked me to carry her coz she wanted to see her lolo. After a while she said, "Ninang Jennie, gusto ko bigyan ng flowers si lolo." So I put her down as she picked a flower from one of the flower baskets. She then placed the flower on top of the casket, tiptoed and leaned closer and whispered, "Lolo, binigyan kita ng flower, gising ka na." I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I heard her say that.

On the second night of the wake, Hannah and Gian were running around, my cousins and I seated on one side of the room, when the lights went out. Everyone just stayed where they were, while we were telling the kids not to run around until we get candles or until the lights turn back on. Gian then said, "Anjan na si lolo." and I could hear a smile in his voice. hehehe... nakakatakot na nakakatawa diba? :p

Straight from the mouths of babes.

sad :(

Monday, July 19, 2004

The whole weekend I didn't feel like blogging. I think I have 3 drafts already and even now I still don't feel like completing it.

Actually, ayoko din sana magblog. Kaya lang ang lungkot ngayon, pati yung panahon nakikisama.. umuulan kasi. Parang umiiyak din yung langit.

One of my uncles passed away tonight. He is the husband of my mom's second eldest sister. It came as a shock to everyone because it was so sudden. He just complained of stomach pains last night and we all thought that he'd be confined. We didn't think he'd pass away the next day.

My sister and I just got home when my favorite aunt, Tita Belle texted and asked me to call their house. I thought I left something (coz I just came from their house). Then she told me the news. Pos wala na... tumulo na luha ko. Haay... Then I got a text from my cousin and he said their dad passed away. Dun na nag-sink in na wala na nga si Tatay Roque (my cousins and I call him tatay and my aunt we call nanay). Nakakalungkot talaga... But my aunt said my uncle died with a smile, coz his family was by his side until his last breath. His wife his four children were there by his bedside.  He's in a better place now, but it's still sad news.

Life is fleeting... we never know how long we'd be here in this world... so we should live life to the fullest and  don't let a day pass without telling our loved ones how much we love them.

ano daw?!!

Thursday, July 15, 2004

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "Gusto ko na ngang magka-apo" -- mommy

Syet! That's what mom said last night when one of our neighbors paid her a visit. And yep, she knew I was there. As in nagparinig na nanay ko. Patay. hehehe.. naghahanap na pala ng apo si mommy. :p

I said "good evening" to our neighbor when I saw her and she asked my mom, "kelan ba ikakasal ang dalaga mo?" And my mom said, "Naku, hindi ko alam, gusto ko na ngang magka-apo." Wala akong nasabi nung oras na yun kasi nagulat ako sa sagot ni mommy. I just smiled sheepishly, said my goodbyes and went straight to my room. I guess our neighbor asked the same thing when my sister arrived.

When I got to my room, I was pissed off. What our neighbor asked kinda sunk in. Naasar ako hindi dahil sa sinabi ng mommy ko, kungdi dahil sa tanong ng kapit-bahay namin. Ugh! People can be so nosy. If there was one thing I hate to be asked, it's that. "When are you getting married?" Well, not the question per se, but how they ask it. Gusto kong barahin yung kapit-bahay namin, but that would be rude.

Back to mom's reply. So... is my mom waiting for a grandchild only and not a son-in-law? wahahaha! joke lang! Of course it doesn't need to be said that I should be married first before having a baby. Yun nga lang yung problema... wala pa akong nakikitang magiging son-in-law nila. hihihi!

Oh, I almost forgot my dad's reaction to our neighbor's question. As soon as our neighbor asked the question, dad immediately looked at me. Tapos yung tingin nya parang "wag ka magkakamali ng sagot", nakakunot-noo at hindi ngumingiti. Seryoso si popsie. Nakakatawa!

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i can see clearly now :D

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

woohoo! i can see, i can see! it's a miracle!

hehehe... you have to pardon me, I'm just so happy that I can see my world now without squinting. :) I got a new pair of eyeglasses (with blue frames - hindi obvious na favorite color ko ang blue noh? :p) yesterday at the mall and I got it in an hour. I thought of getting contact lenses but I don't think I am ready for it. Baka mamaya, makalimutan ko tanggalin at mainfect pa (yiii! kahit na extended wear yun at soft lens pa, ayaw ko). Besides, I get creeped out when there's something in my eye (uy.. feeling Rachel Green of Friends, hahaha!)

I'm actually not feeling too well right now. Around 10 pm last night, I started getting chills and I learned that I had a 39.5 degree fever. Hmm... I wondered why I had fever. I didn't have coughs or colds, I didn't feel sore or anything - well just the normal PMSy thingies. I got quite alarmed when I thought I might have caught Mom's shingles. Well actually, magaling na si mommy, kaya naisip ko baka lumipat sa akin kasi ako yung lagi nya kasama. I don't see any chicken pox-like blisters so I'm still hoping I didn't catch it.

What is shingles anyway? Well, to the avid David Letterman fan, you'll remember that he caught it middle of last year. It's a virus that's a close cousin of chicken pox and once you get chicken pox, there are a few of it left in your system (for immunity, so you don't get chicken pox twice). However, people get shingles if 1. he/she is older (like in their 60's); 2. if you're younger and have a low immune system (which mom had coz she was having chemo), and 3. if one is stressed and the airborne virus interacts with the chicken pox left in your system. If chicken pox is itchy, shingles is freaking painful coz it attacks your nerves. I hope I am getting this right, if I didn't please feel free to enlighten me. :)

Of the three reasons, I don't naturally fall under category number 1, hehehe. I probably fall under category 2 or 3 (ahaha! may ibang choice pa ba? :p). But I am still hoping this is just fever brought about the changing of the seasons/temperature.

I spent most of the day in my room sleeping. It wasn't as relaxing coz I had chills and I felt restless and nauseuous whenever I tried to get up. I didn't eat a thing until 5 pm. O diba, malamang pumayat ako. hihihi!

Kita mo naman.. kahit may sakit, nag-ba-blog pa din. ADIK!!!! :p

67th UAAP Season
The 67th UAAP Season had it's opening ceremonies last Saturday. My alma mater is the host of this year's Season. The opening ceremony was good, it was fast paced & it wasn't boring. I liked the opening ceremonies when we hosted the UAAP, though while I was still in College. I think it was more impressive. But I'm not taking anything away from this year's ceremonies.

Too bad the Green Archers lost against the Blue Eagles. It was the first time in 16 years that DLSU lost on the opening day of UAAP basketball competition. A 15 point lead squandered. Hay.. di bale.. babawi kami sa second round. ;)

Yay! kimi Raikkonen & the Mclaren Mercedes Team finally had a podium finish this Formula 1 season. Kimi won second place (to Schumacher, who else?) but it was okay. It just goes to show that the team has a good driver with a good performing car. Finally, the Mclaren-Mercedes Team is back. Their 2004 season car, the MP4-19B, is much better than the MP4-19. The handling & aerodynamics of the car is better, it sports a new wing, and there seems to be very minimal understeer when going around the corners of the track. I'm looking forward to the next race, the German Grand Prix in Hokkenheim next week. It would be awesome if Kimi wins in Schumacher's home race. hehehe...

Anyhoo. I'm going to log out for now. I feel kinda woozy already so I guess I need to take a break. Hopefully the next time I blog, I won't be nursing a fever anymore.

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my blurred world...

Sunday, July 11, 2004

My eyeglasses broke last night. huhuhu! I can't see anything or anyone clearly unless they are 6 feet in front of me. Yes, i am as blind as a bat. :(

When I was in school and I forgot my glasses, I would walk looking down, coz I was once called "suplada" when I didn't smile back when someone smiled at me. He didn't know I didn't see him. O kaya pag naglalakad ako at wala akong salamin, lagi ako naka-smile, para pag may nasalubong okay na. hahahaha! Di ko alam kung mukhang friendly dahil naka-ngiti ako lagi o mukha akong tanga na tumatawa mag-isa. :p

ARGH! I've been squinting since last night so i could see. If i don't squint, all I could see is my blurry environment. I was so frustrated coz the second to the last episode of Sex and the City was being shown on cable, so I squinted and stayed as close to the tv as i could (yeah.. I know.. bad for the eyes. But my eyes were bad already so who cares, right? :p). When my eyes began to water coz of squinting, I wore my broken glasses until the show was over. wahahahaha! kawawa naman... :p

Aside from seeing blurry things, I am happy, coz finally, my favorite Formula 1 Team is back! Mclaren-Mercedes & Kimi Raikkonen are in pole position on today's Grand Prix race in Silverstone. :D I hope I see Kimi on podium (sana ma-stuck sa 4th place si Schumi, hihihi!)

Ay, tama na muna. Masakit na mata ko. Ipapahinga ko muna. I will blog again when I get my new pair of glasses or contacts :D.

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trying out something new

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

just trying out the photoblogging option. my friend said this was easier than what i currently use. we'll see how this looks. i hope i get it right. :p

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na-miss ko ito....

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

i missed blogging!!!

I've been busy but not too busy to blog. I just had serious blogger's/writer's block. I actually tried to blog all weekend, but I just ended up staring at the screen, typing a few sentences, then erasing it again. hehehe!

I can't say that I wasn't in the mood to blog, coz I actually wanted to. I just coulnd't find the right words to say. Overly critical? Or just plain maarte, maybe. :p

Maybe it was also because I wanted to do some stuff over the weekend, like watch Wimbledon, the French Grand Prix, read a couple of books, laze around all day in my room. :p


i haven't been watching Tennis Grand Slams as religously as I did before. Not since Pat Rafter & Pete Sampras retired and Goran Ivanisevic hasn't been performing well coz of injuries (or maybe he's getting older? :( ). I only watch the semifinals and the finals now.

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at Women's Champion Maria Sharapova. She's not at all like the other Russian covergirl/tennis player Anna Kournikova. She's not just pretty - she's talented! She looks sweet, but her serves and her returns were very powerful. I didn't think she'd beat Lindsey Davenport (who looks amazing now that she'd slimmed down) on the semis, but Sharapova beat Davenport on straight sets. That's when I thought she has a good chance of beating Serena Williams. And she did. It was a great game - not as exciting as a Steffi Graf-Monica Seles match (hehe.. luma :p) or a Williams-Hingis match, but it was great. I hope Sharapova's win wasn't a fluke, I'm looking forward to watching her play again.

As for the men's finals. I was a bit disappointed. Not because it wasn't a good game, but because I wanted Andy Roddick to win and not Roger Federer. But I think defending champion Federer deserved the win. He was amazing - not once did he lose his cool during the whole match, while Roddick was his typical temperamental self. I guess that was also a factor for Federer winning. Better luck next time, Andy (shucks.. feeling close! :p)

I kinda lost interest watching the Formula One Grand Prix when my favorite team. Mclaren-Mercedes and favorite driver, Kimi Raikkonen, began underperforming. And seeing Michael Schumacher on the podium at every race is becoming too boring for me. I still watch every race, but I'm not glued to the TV anymore, unlike before. I just look in once in a while. :p The French Grand Prix at Magny-Cours wasn't as dramatic as the Indianapolis Grand Prix (which had numerous crashes, Ralf Schumacher's the most terrifying). I hope in the next race, I'd see a different person on the podium.

I'm currently reading two books, The Mulberry Tree by Jude Deveraux and the controversial Holy Blood, Holy Grail. And nope, I don't get confused, the two books are so different from one another :p

Reading a Jude Deveraux novel is one of my guilty pleasures (munching on Nestle Almonets another :p). Kahit may magsabi pa sa akin na walang kwenta yung libro nya, babasahin ko pa din yun. Nakakakilig eh. hahaha! I've read all but 2 of her books since High School, I have all but 5 of her books, and I've reread all books a least once. If that doesn't show how much I like her novels, I don't know what will. ;p So when I went to National Bookstore a few days ago, I had to stop myself from buying all the books I haven't read yet. I told myself I'll just buy one, choosing which one was kinda harder. But OC Jennie resurfaced and decided to buy the books in the order of date published. nyahahaha!

I actually bought 2 other books, Books 1 & 2 of Philippine Ghost Stories. Opo. ang matatakutin na si Jennie, bumili ng librong nakakakilabot. Some of the stories there I already know, lke the ghosts at DLSU & St. Scho, the white lady at Balate Drive, Concha Cruz, and other urban legends, but I was still creeped out. Since I finished reading the 2 books, I have slept with the lights on for 3 nights and counting. :p

The other book I'm reading is Holy Blood, Holy Grail. It's very controversial because it presents dug up documents during the past 30 years about Jesus. It was one of the basis for Dan Brown's novel, The Da Vinci Code.

After I read DVC, I looked for Holy Blood, Holy Grail, coz I know we have it somewhere in the house. I couldn't find it, but I found out the other night that it was with my sister. I borrowed it from her and even if I had started reading The Mulberry Tree, I had to put it down. That's how much I wanted to read this book - I had to postpone reading on of my guilty pleasures. :p

Hmm.. I didn't realize how long this entry has been. Ang tagal kasing hindi nagblog :p

♥ JeN

when life was simpler...

Thursday, July 01, 2004

I remember when I was younger I liked black-outs (hindi pa ako takot sa dilim nun :p). My sister and I would go outside and play with our neighbor's kids. Black-outs were like the excuse for me to stay out, and we'd play under the moonlight. We'd play hide and seek, patintero, pepsi-7up, simon says, and the good old fashioned habulan. These were the days when there were more vacant lots than houses on our street, when the village wasn't part of the "friendship route", when life was simpler, and when I'd go home and mom would tell me to go straight to the bathroom and wash up coz "amoy-araw ako" (seriously, how does amoy-araw smell like? I mean, naaamoy ba yung sun? ahahaha! pilosopa). That seems like it was so long ago. Those were the days I was tomboy-ish (now I'm kikay. wahahahaha!)

We used to climb the aratiles trees that grew on the vacant lot to the right of our house. We'd pick all the aratiles berries we could reach, and then run home and ask yaya to make aratiles juice (wahahahaha! i have no idea now how that tasted like :p).

Before when we're hurt, we bawl our eyes out but when mom kisses it better we're fine. Now it's more complicated. Hugs and kisses still take the hurt away but not in an instant. Not like before. When my playmates and i fight, a simple sorry is said and we'd be friends again. The fight forgotten as if it never happened. A clean slate. Not like when we're all grown up - hurts remain. It takes me a long time to forget.

Things have changed. My playmates now have families of their own and when we see each other, we talk about grown-up stuff (work, relationships, etc..). Our once quiet street is very busy. If before you'd hear the shrieks and tha laughter of the kids playing outside, now all we hear are the sounds of the vehicles passing by. The only vacant lot left is the one next to our house. I haven't seen a tutubi (dragonfly) in maybe 15 years, whereas before, one of my playmates would catch them and scare us girls. And we run around the street shrieking, while our yaya's would tell us not to run or we might get hurt.

I remember my uncle (my dad's youngest brother), used to catch fireflies for us and we'd put them inside a bottle (with holes of course ;p), but we'd release them, too. Now, I don't see fireflies here anymore.

Things changed... we changed. We grew up. :)

I'm grateful I had a fun childhood and I have good memories. I just wish sometimes I could be as carefree as I was when I was 7. Don't get me wrong, I still act like I'm 7 sometimes. Hahahaha!

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